Can CZUR AI-Powered Smart Device Correct Your Posture & Relieve Back Pain?

No matter you work from the office or home or what is the working environment, the one thing that often stands common is sitting for hours in front of the desktop or laptop! Sure, you do have to manage several tasks at once, but staying sedentary, and that too with incorrect posture can be terrible for your health and well-being.

So, is there a solution to save yourself from the deferential effects of bad posture?

Before we dive in, let’s find out more about how dangerous incorrect sitting posture can be for you.

What are the disadvantages of incorrect sitting posture?

Incorrect sitting posture can have many harmful consequences, and some of them are explained below:

  1. Shoulder and Back Pain

The first and perhaps the most common outcome of bad posture experienced by every 1 out of 10 workers is shoulder and back pain. This occurs because poor posture triggers tensions of the muscles, leading to ache and stiffness.

  1. Increases Risk of Heart Disease 

Poor posture can change the alignment of the spine, and this constricts the proper circulation of blood. With time, the oxygen and nutrient supply of the body gets altered, causing deep vein thrombosis or blood clots. If the side-effects of improper posture are not treated on time then they can increase the risk of developing heart diseases.

  1. Poor Digestion

Did you know, your incorrect sitting posture can have an impact on your digestive process too? Slouched positions often compress abdominal organs, as a result, the ability to digest food (metabolism) is severely affected. In the aftermath, you end up having abdominal disturbances (constipation, diarrhea, unhealthy gut, and heartburn), irregular sleep patterns, autoimmune disorders, skin irritation, and rapid weight changes too.

What are the products currently on the market? 

Since poor posture is an emerging concern across the healthcare sector, there are innumerable products that have made their way to the market, and claim to relieve you from the wrath of bad posture in no time! Honestly, not every posture corrector out there can be the ideal solution.

Take the example of a posture corrector brace (belt) – it’s economical, easy to use, but doesn’t offer any long-term benefits. The reason behind this is, the belt cannot strengthen your shoulder, back, or neck muscles. You might get relief when it’s on, however, the moment you take it off, you are back again experiencing the same old pain and problems of incorrect posture.

Then, is there no product that will save you from the detrimental effects of bad posture? Read on to find the ultimate solution!

A posture corrector that can be the true difference- CZUR Mirror 

CZUR is synonymous with functional and smart appliances engineered with a difference, and this time it’s back with a revolutionary AI-powered posture corrector– the CZUR Mirror.

Aimed to improve your posture naturally, the CZUR mirror uses an innovative AI chip to detect and notify incorrect sitting habits, so that you can immediately adapt to a better posture.

Let’s say you are busy working on an important project on your desktop, and you begin to slouch- well, there won’t be a problem if the compact CZUR mirror is in your workspace! The smart device will instantly detect bad posture, and provide a subtle notification ensuring you can focus on your work without any disturbances.

Thanks to the innovative approach, you not only get back to proper posture immediately but also develop muscle memory that will remind you of maintaining good posture no matter where you go.

How to set up and use CZUR Mirror?

Unlike other complicated posture corrector devices, setting up and using the CZUR mirror is as simple as it can be.

For setting it, up-position the device in the desired place of your choice and attach it to the power plug. Next, turn the device on, connect it with your phone, and voila you are good to go.

Getting Your Hands on AI-Powered Posture Corrector 

The device is a great match for those who want a sleek, versatile, and advanced corrector to be a part of the workspace. It has only three buttons, one at the top to switch it on or to change modes, the second underneath the device to switch between light and voice for reminders, and the third is a reset button that can be used when you want to reset the device to default settings.

Multi-Mode Operation For Developing Good Posture Habits 

You can use the AI posture corrector device in two modes:

  • Smart Mode (Default Mode)
  • Custom Mode

The smart mode applies to typical workplace settings that involve a desk, monitor, and keyboards. It essentially focuses on keeping your back straight, eye-level on-screen, forearms in level with mouse and shoulders erect.

But not everyone has a conventional desk setting, right? Hence, the custom mode of this posture trainer is what you need. Using the custom mode, you can set up your posture habits according to the desired workplace conditions such as leaning further, sitting forward, and more! The custom mode is suitable for kids, crafters, designers, artists, or almost anyone who prefers customized posture correction.

Correcting posture was never this comfortable and easy

After all, who likes to wear tight and uncomfortable wearables such as a posture corrector brace that forces you to good postures? CZUR’s Mirror is less intrusive and is suitable for children and adults alike.

Another exciting feature of the smart AI-powered posture corrector is a reminder that works when people end up sitting for hours. It reminds us to take a break, and practice some stretching to relax the muscles.

Final Verdict

If your shoulders, neck, and back hurt due to incorrect sitting posture then the time has come to upgrade your workspace with CZUR’s mirror. Using this posture corrector device, you not only end up relieving the dangerous effects of bad posture but develop a habit to maintain proper posture effectively. Once you’re on the right path to improving posture naturally, you will never have to depend on any tight and uncomfortable posture corrector wearable ever again!

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