The Benefits of Using A Batter’s Best Friend: Batting Gloves

Both baseball and softball are two of the most popular sports in the world– and it’s really no wonder why. The thrill, the utter exhilaration experienced by players and fans alike when a ball is hard-hit, when a run is scored, when a power hitter is struck out– both games are almost addicting to watch and play.

But, what is not fun to experience while playing either baseball or softball is feeling your hands slip just enough to cause a potentially powerful drive to be a dribbler, a foul ball, or a completely missed strike– and even end in a strikeout.

That is why all players of these two sports should consider utilizing batting gloves, whether they be youth baseball batting gloves or those designed specifically for professionals. Let’s go over these extremely useful and advantageous pieces of equipment.

What Are Batting Gloves?
Batting gloves are pieces of sportswear that cover your hands and sometimes wrists relatively snuggly and are worn to primarily assist in a batter’s grip on the bat. Batting gloves are made of different materials, including leather, nylon, and other synthetics.

Batting gloves were officially introduced into the big leagues in 1964 and, since then, they have taken the game by storm. They are now worn by baseball and softball players, big and small, to this very day– and that certainly doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon.

The Benefits of Using Batting Gloves
Players of all ages and calibers can benefit from wearing these gloves during their gameplay, some of which you might not have even considered or expected!

Better Grip Means More Control– and More Hits
The main purpose of batting gloves is to provide batters with an extra layer of grippy material so they could control their bats better– and they really hit the nail on the head. Due to the increased control with these gloves, you are likely to experience more hits– and better ones at that.

Potential to Increase Your Batting Average
A lower batting average could be attributed to a slew of factors, such as a bat of the wrong size, improper batting stance, not keeping your eye on the ball, and so much more. One other reason, however, is a lack of control over your bat. Because these gloves increase your control over your bat, they can improve your swing– and ultimately your batting average.

Protection from Blisters and Bat Vibration
Your batting gloves can even protect your hands from two irksome issues that befall most batters: those painful blisters from incessant swinging and the annoying vibration after mishits. Much obliged, batting gloves.

Protection From Dirt and Other Materials When Sliding
Baserunners know just how painful it can be to slide into a base and having your hands come away with scratches, bruises, and other abrasions. The dirt, rocks, and even the cleats from other players can cause them– but when you’re wearing batting gloves, these crises are far more likely to be averted because of their coverage and oftentimes extra padding.

Keep Your Hands (and Fielding Glove) Cleaner
Why get your hands dirty and grimy if you don’t have to? By wearing batting gloves, you are keeping your hands clean of dirt, mud, and even grass. Plus, by not staining your hands with such filthy items, you’ll even end up keeping the inside of your fielding glove cleaner when you take the field!

Cooler Style (and Match Your Team)
While we all love playing our favorite sports, we also enjoy looking cool while doing it. When you are wearing a pair of batting gloves, you’ll acquire that “cool” look you’re going for. You could even find a pair that matches your team’s colors!

Where to Buy the Best Batting Gloves
It’s worth noting that these benefits are only acquirable when using high-quality batting gloves from some of the best manufacturers in the game. Whether you are looking for youth baseball batting gloves or adult batting gloves, trust no one else but HbSports. Browse their wide range of offerings today and find the perfect pair for you.

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