Before You Visit Head Shops | Ft Lauderdale Fl

Head shops are smoking establishments that you go to if you’re looking for accessories for smoking tobacco or cannabis. Exotic smoking supplies are also likely to be found in these establishments.

In Florida, recreational marijuana is illegal, but whether you smoke tobacco or medical cannabis, you need a place to shop for all your smoking gear. This is where head shops come in.

So before you visit head shops in Ft Lauderdale Fl, here are some of the things you should know.

What is a head shop?
Everything you need to get started smoking cannabis or concentrates may be found in a head shop. Head shops sell bongs, dab rigs, vaporizers, rolling papers, and other smoking paraphernalia.

A smoke shop, on the other hand, sells tobacco and nicotine vaping products. Depending on the smoke shop, some also sell similar items to head shops. They’ll have water pipes, dabbing rigs, vape pen batteries, and other related items.

If you’re also wondering about vape shops, these shops mostly offer vaping-related products, such as nicotine, dab pens, and marijuana-related vaporizers.

Dispensaries are also different from head shops. Dispensaries are where you buy cannabis products, while head shops are where you buy paraphernalia that you may use to smoke cannabis.

Dispensaries may sell paraphernalia too, but head shops do not sell weed, cannabis flowers, concentrates, and all cannabis products.

How old do you have to be to be able to visit a head shop?
In Florida, only adults over 21 years old are allowed to buy, possess, and smoke tobacco, nicotine, e-cigars, and other vaping and smoking products.

You can’t visit a head shop if you’re below 21 years of age. Head shops are required to verify your age before selling you anything in their shop.

What if you need bongs for medical marijuana?
The rules are the same for medical marijuana. Unless you’re diagnosed with a terminal condition and you can show proof of it, you also can’t purchase and possess bongs and other smoking paraphernalia if you’re under the age of 21.

Is it legal to buy bongs in Florida?
Objects used to consume illegal substances such as cannabis are classified as drug paraphernalia under federal law. So technically, bongs may be considered illegal.

However, bongs and water pipes are also used for tobacco consumption, and tobacco isn’t illegal. So, since you’re buying brand new bongs with no traces of illegal substances, they can be argued as tobacco paraphernalia purchases and as glass art or objects.

What are examples of drug paraphernalia?
Following are examples of illegal paraphernalia:

● Pipes used for anything other than tobacco and legal herbal mixes

● Small spoons for snorting cocaine

● Cocaine kits and paraphernalia

Who can smoke medical marijuana in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?
Not everyone can smoke medical marijuana and claim to be using marijuana for medical purposes. Smoking is one of the most common uses of medical cannabis and medical cannabis dispensaries can be found in Florida.

Only qualified patients may possess up to four ounces of herbal cannabis and smoke it, but only if a recommending physician certifies that the health advantages of smoking exceed the hazards.

Are there any good head shops in Ft Lauderdale Fl?
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