US and Israel Business Lawyer in Jerusalem

If you’re a US citizen doing business in Israel or an Israeli citizen doing business in the United States, you should contact a lawyer who specializes in U.S.-Israeli business law to take care of all of your legal needs. David Page Law is a US and Israeli business lawyer in Jerusalem who can represent you through his thorough knowledge of both Israeli and American business law. David Page Law is a licensed attorney in both the State of New York and in Israel. He has extensive experience in assisting business owners navigate the intricacies of international law to ensure that their businesses operate effectively and efficiently in both countries.

International (American and Israeli) Business Law

If your business interests intersect between Israel and the United States, you need a business lawyer who has extensive experience in helping you move your business interests forward in a way that is in compliance with both American and Israeli law. Neglecting this step regarding either legal jurisdiction puts you and your business at risk. At David Page Law we believe in being proactive in settling all legal issues in advance so that you can move your business forward as you wish.

Areas of US-Israel Business Law

David Page Law specializes in all areas of business law for both businesses that operate in the United States, businesses that operate in Israel and businesses that operate in both jurisdictions.  They include:

  • Agency Agreements and International Distribution – At David Page Law we will structure your foreign business dealings properly so that you can operate smoothly and mitigate risks. This includes businesses that engage in ecommerce, international trade and Internet-based start-ups. By covering all legal bases you’ll be able to make sure that your marketing needs are met, that you are covered under exclusivity protections and that logistics, warehousing and fulfillment agreements are established according to the laws of both countries.
  • Employment Agreements – the laws of the United States and Israel are both specific regarding employers’ obligations to their employees but they are different in scope and detail. To ensure that your business is abiding by all laws in the jurisdictions in which you are operating you need agreements that are negotiated, drafted and reviewed by experienced legal professionals who can guide you in making sure that you are adhering to all of your obligations.
  • Service Agreements – If your service agreement won’t stand up in a court of law, it is worthless. Protect your business with properly drawn up service agreements that clearly spell out fee structures and expected services as set out by both Israeli and American laws.
  • Foreign Worker Issues – both Israel and the United States offer special visas for foreign workers or for workers who are awaiting their permanent status. If you ignore these laws and hire an illegal foreign worker you could be jeopardizing your entire operation in both counties. Have a US and Israel business lawyer in Jerusalem who is familiar with these regulations review your employees’ status and give you guidance on how to avoid complications with immigration authorities

In addition to these important issues there are other legal questions that businesses must resolve involving foreign real estate investments, tax issues, questions revolving around intellectual property rights and more.

For a full range of legal services for US and Israel business law, contact David Page Law in Jerusalem.

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