Top Ways of Eating Fish For Your Next Office Lunch

Top Ways of Eating Fish For Your Next Office Lunch

Fish is delicious as well as nutritious to have. But when it comes to consuming seafood at your office, fish for lunch can get really smelly. But it does not have to be a risky or a smelly endeavor. If you want to maintain a diet that has two servings of seafood in a week without heading to a seafood restaurant, keep reading. If you have office every day and thus have to eat at the office, then we have got here for you some viable midday options that would give you options to have fish for lunch without having it be smelly.

In this article, we will tell you all the less fishy options that you have for fish and how to prepare these meals and cook and store them properly. We also suggest that you must avoid reheating any fish meal. To find out more tips and tricks on how you can have healthy fish for lunch without it smelling up the whole office and annoying your colleagues.

1. Pick Meals that Do not Require Warming Up

At the risk of stating the obvious, nobody likes to smell a microwaved fish all day long. Moreover, not only will it smell, but it would also dry up the fish meat and make it harder for you to eat. But don’t be let down, we have a way out of this dilemma. You can easily go for dishes that you do not have to warm up. A great idea is to opt for a salad. Fish makes for a great salad topper. Moreover, if you eat it in the form of salads then you would not require heating it.

To consume it this way, poach, grill, or bake your fish the night before. And then top off your salad with it. Avoid fishes like sardines and anchovies that smell a lot. As even when not warmed up again it will smell. When it comes to vegetables avoid adding leafy green veggies like arugula, spinach, and lettuce to your salad. As these can wilt over time and get soggy. You can replace these with sturdier greens like kale that will retain their shape. Another tip is that you should dress your veggies beforehand so that the kale will get a little soft till the time you consume it.

For office lunch, pack your vegetables in a separate box and the dressing and the fish separately. When it is time to consume the salad, mix the three together and enjoy! This way your fish won’t smell and you can have a salad for lunch that will look, smell and taste absolutely fresh.

2. Opt for Grain Bowls

Grain bowls are very popular nowadays. They are having their moment at most fast-casual lunch spots and cafes. But you can also prep them like a make-ahead meal. This hearty batch of grain will stay good in your fridge for quite some time and you can toss this into salads which will taste great. Additionally, you can add veggies, lean protein, and dressing to your grain bowl. For protein options, go for fish or chick that is grilled or baked and then cooled down so that it does not get soggy or smelly. Their grain bowl is very filling, versatile, and satisfying.

3. Store Vegetable Soups and Stews and Add Fish Later

Another great way to consume fish for office lunch is to cook vegetable soups and stews. This option makes it possible to make a hot lunch without making it offensive. The hack is that you cook hot seafood soup or stew and then add pre-cooked, cooled-down fish to it.

You can make a tomato-based soup. As well as a brothy soup that is packed with greens. Both of these types of soups are easy and quick to make. With this base, any kind of fish would work. all you have to do is to pre-cook the fish and cut it into small pieces. This can also be leftover baked or poached fish. You can also opt for canned tuna.

When it comes to the time of lunch you can heat the soup base and then drop the cold fish into it. With the heat of the soup the fish would warm up and you can have a warm and good lunch without any smell!

4. Make a Ceviche Bowl for A Full Meal

You might think of ceviche as something that you will only find at a seafood restaurant. The fact of the matter is that it is one of the easiest ways to prepare fish for lunch. On top of that, no cooking is required. This is one of the simplest ways to turn a classic fish appetizer into a delicious lunch.

To prepare this dish you can use any mild-flavored fish like flounder, snapper, or barramundi. This is because mild-flavored fish complements the acidic dressing. Start off with taking frozen fish and cutting it into cubes. You can pack the dressing separately, as well as any other ingredients that you want to go with. Once everything is prepared you can pack it into different packs. Whenever you are planning o eat lunch you can toss all the ingredients together and enjoy!

5. Use Tinned Fish for Emergency Purposes

This last way of consuming fish is to go for the tried and tested canned fish. Tinned fish is much more than just fish in brine. You can also find flavorful options in canned tuna and mackerel. Visit your nearest supermarket and look for the ones which come with olive oil in them, this will help to keep the meat moist and flavorful. As tinned fish does not need to be refrigerated you can keep the tin on your desk. And then use it as a salad topper. You can also make a sandwich out of this fish. Just like you make a tuna melt.

All in all, you can now enjoy fish for lunch at the office without stinking up the whole place! Try our above-mentioned ways and enjoy fish every day just like you would at a seafood restaurant.

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