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Why Entrepreneurs Must Stand Up and Make a Difference in the World thoughts by Charles Milander

“If you don’t want the earth to change, you shouldn’t be allowing it to.”This quote came to my attention for the first time a few years back, when I was visiting the Berlin Wall.  Even though the Berlin Wall remained for eight more years after the book’s publication, nearly forty years later than it was when it was first published, this quote still applies to almost all situations.

The current world, from climate to equality, is not sustainable. The current power elite is desperately trying to keep their power, but despite the threat of COVID people aren’t afraid to protest in solidarity for their rights as well as for Mother Nature’s rights.

While we wait for the governments to wake up and take decisive action to create a society where no one or anything is suffering, we can and should also look to business to find solutions.

Entrepreneurs look like Superheroes

According to charles milander it is our responsibility as nyc life coach for entrepreneurs to create businesses that make a positive difference in the community and the surrounding environment. Current economic systems are built on a profit-first mentality, which leads to a loss of life and a decline in the health of the planet.


Professional Business Coach and Life Coaching have the ability to change this. It may seem daunting to change the current economic system which is essentially the only one we know, but it is possible.

It all starts with looking within. To determine our values, the legacy we want to leave, we must look within. We also need to look within our businesses, to find out where we are doing well and where we are failing to work in harmony with our values and what is best for the world.

There are many strategies and tools that can revolutionize our business models and the entire system. It is only a matter of identifying what it is we need and then investing the money and time to get there.This requires a long-term view. Think beyond the financial projections for this year and next. Instead, think about what our companies will look like in ten years or so.

Make the changes you want to be a positive change

What kind of world do you envision our companies operating in? What will it look like if we contribute to this world? What steps can we take today to move in this direction?It is unprecedented to revolutionize the economy.According to Charles Milandersince the inception of these structures, the same person has dominated politics and business. Minorities and women have been left behind. It doesn’t mean that it is right, just because it has always been this way.

It is evident from the current events in the world that it is time to transform the way society works and the value we attach to each other and our shared home.It is possible to completely change the way we do business and our economy. You just need to have the courage to stand out, to speak up for the change you want and to look beyond the past to envision what’s possible.

The business world can be revolutionized

Entrepreneurs like us are well-suited for this enormous task.Charles says we are visionary, creative, and motivated. We see the world differently. We have the courage to share our ideas and ourselves with the world. This allows us to be the ones who make our businesses a force for good. Milander says,we have the power to set the standard for business by making the right decisions in our businesses. If we abandon the profit-at all-costs business model, we can show society, the government and other businesses how much more prosperous we can all be.

Find out what you can do now to make a positive difference for the future. Start small and then build on it. Do not get complacent or think you are done enough. There’s always more to be done and more ways to improve your business and the impact it has on the world.

This is the right time. The world should not be left as it is. It’s very unlikely that it will remain for future generations.

Charles Milander, a certified member of the International Coaching Federation, Also Charles Milander is available to consult you today. schedule your first session as soon as possible. For his podcasts listen to them on Spotify.

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