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Everything You Need To Know About Virtual Cardiac Rehab And It’s Benefits

You must have heard about rehab programs for various conditions, but have you heard about cardiac rehab? Cardiac rehab programs are designed to help people with several cardiac needs. It enables them to learn and understand their health condition and how to manage them well. This is done in various ways by guiding them to control their blood pressure, blood sugar, stress, and cholesterol levels and build endurance and strength with structured exercise.

Cardiopulmonary rehab is an excellent option for people suffering from heart-related conditions, waiting for cardiac surgery, or being proactive about their heart health. The rehab program teams consist of healthcare professionals such as cardiologists, dieticians, clinical exercise physiologists, nurses, and other staff. The rehab has a holistic approach to empowering the patients and helping them gain confidence to live an active and healthy lifestyle supporting their heart health.

The team that will actively work with you consists of the following:

● Cardiologist
● Exercise leaders
● Registered dieticians
● Clinical psychologists
● Registered nurses
● Exercise specialists
● Occupational therapists

What to expect during the rehab program?

● The cardiologist will review your heart health and any condition related to the heart.
● They offer treatment and support for reducing the symptoms and risk factors for blood vessels and heart disease.
● They recommend blood tests for evaluating cholesterol levels.
● Assessment of patient’s ability to exercise and perform routine activities.
● Recommend exercise for a healthy lifestyle.
● Nutritional counselling for individuals.
● Virtual classes for exercise.
● Educating patients about heart health.
● Offering support for smoking cessation.
● Professional workshop for reducing stress, depression, and anxiety.
● Individual counselling for psychological assessment.

Some Facts about Cardiac Rehab Programs

● Sadly, many eligible patients with the coronary disease never participate in the cardiac rehabilitation programs, and with the pandemic hitting us, the numbers have dropped significantly.
● This has led to the need for virtual cardiac rehab programs. Internet and telehealth interventions are used increasingly as an alternative to the traditional rehabilitation programs organized at centers.
● The outcomes of the virtual rehab programs are favorable compared to the center-based programs.
● The virtual rehab programs are pretty promising.
● Newer ways of delivering the rehabilitation have been found during the pandemic, enabling patients to choose what’s best for them.

According to experts, keeping up with cardiac rehabilitation is recognized as a cost-effective medical intervention that offers favorable outcomes for diverse cardiovascular diseases. The repair helps with physical activity, psychological well being, and quality of life. To ensure that all benefits of the rehab program are achieved, it is essential that the rehab program consists of all the core components of cardiac rehabilitation.

Who Can Benefit From Cardiac Rehabilitation Program?

Patients who can benefit from the cardiac rehab program are:

● Patients who can benefit from the rehab are one’s post-acute coronary syndrome, after corona artery surgery, and coronary angioplasty.
● Patients with unstable angina, ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction, and non-ST segment elevation myocardial infarction.
● Patients undergoing bypass graft and chronic heart failure.
● Patients with newly diagnosed chronic heart failure.
● Patients that have undergone heart transplant/ ventricular assist devices.
● After valve heart surgery
● Adolescents and adults have congenital heart disease.
● Atrial fibrillation

More and more research is being carried out to offer rehab programs virtually. Trends show that people participating in virtual rehab programs experience improvement in their health. The adoption of technology has given mileage to virtual programs.

Some of the significant advantages of a virtual rehab program are:

● There is a significant reduction in the enrollment days.
● The virtual programs offer increased and easy access to patients instead of physically visiting the center. This has primarily been a boon during the pandemic.
● The virtual rehab programs can be tailored to the patients’ individual needs.
● Virtual rehab can help overcome any travel and transportation barriers which is a significant issue with a physical rehab program.
● With virtual training, You can schedule the session flexibly and conveniently.
● There is complete privacy while receiving rehabilitation for cardiac issues.
● The virtual rehab program can be integrated with a regular home routine for the patients.

Several cardiac specialty hospitals offer virtual cardiac rehab services. You should take into consideration what the rehab program provides. It should consist of experienced and trained professionals such as doctors, nutritionists, etc. It is the credibility of the rehab team that determines the success and outcome of the virtual rehab program. People for whom going to a physical center is an issue can benefit from the virtual rehab.

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