What is SpyMax?

What is SpyMax?

What is SpyMax?

What is SpyMax? SpyMax is malicious software classified as spyware. It targets devices that use the Android operating system (OS). This malware has several capabilities/features that allow its users (ie cyber criminals) to monitor the infected device. SpyMax can infect devices under the guise of other legitimate applications.

It has been observed to be distributed via a fake pharmacy website as an app called “COVIDTZ”, however, this might not be the only app used to disguise SpyMax.

The main functionality of SpyMax is to spy and collect data. SpyMax spyware can collect a large amount of information about the infected device (eg status, user identity, etc.) and installed applications. This malware can even modify some system settings.

Also, it can cover other applications

The latter gives SpyMax priority over other running applications, as it can overlay them or change their appearance (for example, display pop-ups overactive applications, etc.). This spyware may also collect data related to browsing activity (for example, browsing history).

It can access the approximate (network-based) and exact (network-based and GPS-based) locations of the device, thereby monitoring the user’s movements. SpyMax can consult and modify contact lists and monitor calls. Your control over the calling feature is quite extensive as you can read and manage call logs and cell phone numbers directly.

This piece of malicious software can use the device’s microphone to monitor/record conversations outside of phone calls. Similarly, you can misuse your device’s camera to record videos and take photos. Messages are not exempt from the scope of this spyware, as SpyMax allows the person you are spying on to also read the communication exchanged in typed form.

For example,

you can read SMS and MMS text messages. Spyware can locate accounts linked to the device and potentially misuse them. In short, SpyMax infections are a privacy issue that can lead to serious problems. Therefore, if it is known or suspected that this or other malware has already infected the device, it is highly recommended to remove it immediately.

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