How Payer Credentialing Partners Are Adding Value To Independent Practices

As an independent practice, you will need to adapt to the constant changes around you to stay relevant in your domain. Partnering with a fulltime credentialing expert will mean managing your status with the payers effectively while you get to focus exclusively on great patient care and office management. Here are a few crucial areas which your payer credentialing partner can take care of.

Managing your re-credentialing schedule
Your payer credentialing partner like TRIARQ attends to your re-credentialing schedule and manages it completely. When their team stays on top of the re-credentialing schedule, you do not have the risk of the next renewal slipping into the cracks.

Credentialing your newly hired employees
When you recruit a new employee, you need to quickly train them and make them fit into their role. Payer credentialing team will ensure that this happens quickly and the new intake is up and runs fast.

Gaining foothold in new locations
When you open up your practice in new locations, credentialing can let you see the inflow of patients from day one.

The advantages of fulltime staff for credentialing
An expert payer credentialing partner like TRIARQ will allot fulltime dedicated personnel for credentialing who will initialize and maintain your status with every payer. Hence you and your team get to focus more on ensuring great care and a good customer experience at the office.

Payer rules can change anytime. When you have several things to manage, you may not be able to keep up with all of the arising commitments and the ongoing ones. Even while using CAQH, you still have some paperwork to be taken care. CAQH is not used by all payers. Fulltime credentialing staff can do the necessary research to know the latest requirements of every payer.

You don’t deal with credentialing on a daily basis. Therefore, it is natural that you might forget some crucial details on the move. If a dedicated staff manages it, the details will stay fresh in their memory.

Payer credentialing partner allots a dedicated credentialing team to take care of your credentialing needs. Therefore, you get to save your time and effort focusing on improving the patient experience.

Overcoming credentialing issues
Every year, independent practices are losing a significant revenue due to credentialing issues. Unfiled and unpaid claims can cause you a significant revenue loss. Therefore existing and new providers can immensely gain by partnering with payer credentialing firms.

When you work without proper payer credentialing, every day is a lost opportunity.TRIARQ’s expert staff working for you fulltime can help minimize the time and profit loss and help create a fool-proof credentialing system you can thoroughly bank on.

It is not an easy job to manage the day to day responsibilities and processes related to your independent practice. Therefore, partnering with payer credentialing firm is the ultimate solution to relieve you of the burden of credentialing and let you focus more on your practice, visitors, and developmental milestones.

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