Top Five Tree Removal Mistakes To Avoid

Owning a chainsaw can motivate you to remove trees by yourself, although it is not safe. Most people undermine the importance of hiring professionals, especially when they owe equipment. However, you need to understand that it requires a level of dexterity to handle that equipment.

It is advisable to use your equipment only when situations leave no choice. And when you have to remove trees by yourself, the chances of accidents and injuries are high. Please go through the below-mentioned list as they can help you avoid mistakes while removing trees.

  1. Ignoring the surrounding

You have to take care of your surroundings while removing trees. Several things could be around your trees-electricity pole, a giant stump, a water pipeline, a car. It is complicated to remove tree branches when a power line or your house structure comes in the way.

You can trip on a large stump, stumble, and fall. Hence it is always advisable to inspect the space thoroughly before starting the tree removal process.

 Space analysis can help you avoid such a situation. So, you must find a way to remove the large branches carefully.

  1. Not handling the chainsaw the right way

Chainsaws are incredibly powerful. It is dangerous to work with a chainsaw for a beginner. Even professionals have many cases of injuries from chainsaws. Know the right way to handle the tool to avoid the risk of injury. The most important thing to remember while working with a chainsaw is its holding position. Place the handle between your thighs and pull the starter with your right hand. You can watch some videos to understand its holding position before you start.

Although it is advisable to remove the need for a chainsaw if you need to use it, ensure you follow all safety standards. You can find some instructions in the manual with the equipment.

  1. Not wearing safety gear

One of the blunders while performing tree removal tasks is not wearing safety gear. Not wearing protective gear can invite the risk of injuries. Check out the important safety equipment you may need to wear-:

  • Hard hat
  • Gloves
  • Protective eyewear
  • boots

You may use small to heavy equipment to cut tree branches; these protective elements can save you from cuts and cracks. Wearing a hard hat can protect your head if a tree branch falls on you. Gloves can protect your hands from sharp edge tools if your hand slips while cutting branches. At the same time, eyewear can prevent small wood chips from entering your eyes. And sturdy boots can save your leg from falling branches.

Wear the above-mentioned protective gear and follow all safety protocols whenever performing tree tasks. Also, ensure that someone helping you remove tree branches has also worn protected gears.

  • Doing it yourself

Most DIY lovers like to perform any task solely, but you should call your buddy for tree removal. You may handle a chainsaw perfectly, but you don’t know what shape and size of branches you have to deal with. Your friend or someone from your neighbor can help you figure out the right way to remove tree branches. As you’ll be busy cutting branches, they can navigate you to continue. They can also help you remove heavy branches as it would be challenging to walk a long way with heavy weight.

Lastly, your tree removal partner can save you when a tree branch accidentally falls on you. At least you will have someone who can give you immediate medical care.

  • Leaving the stump

You may feel great after removing the large tree branches, but ignoring the large stump; is not the right practice. A large stump invites termites, which can harm your home furniture. A large stump in the backyard is also not safe for you as your kids may stumble and fall while playing in the backyard. A large stump reduces your backyard space and decreases its curb appeal. Hence, it’s good to remove the stump right after removing a tree.

You need a stump grinder to chip off a large stump; if you don’t have one, hire a professional from a tree removal service in St Augustine, FL. They have dedicated equipment to perform stump grinding effortlessly.

Why hire a tree removal service in St. Johns County?

Tree removal is a dangerous task and is better left to professionals. You may lack expertise like equipment handling, removing heavy tree branches, and cleaning up the landscape. Hence, by hiring a professional, you can ensure that they remove your trees safely.

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