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What is the Assassination Conspiracy regarding of Abraham Lincoln?

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) was one of the most famous Presidents of the United States. The volume is reserved for life and death. However, historians have yet to unravel the mysteries surrounding his murder. Here are the known facts:

  • Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln attended the show, Our American Cousin at the Ford Theater on April 14, 1865. They will be accompanied by General Ulysses S. Grant and his wife Julia Dent Grant. However, Grant and his wife changed their plans and did not attend the show. Lincoln attended the match with Clara Harris and Henry Rathbone.
  • While playing, actor John Wilkes Booth entered the Lincoln National Box undetected and shot him in the back of the head. He also stabbed Henry Rathbone in the arm.
  • After shooting the President, Booth jumped out of the box onto the stage, broke his left leg and shouted something some eyewitnesses said, “Sic Semper Tyrannus” (As usual to tyrants).
  • The Lewis Powell (or Paine / Payne) co-conspiracy tried to assassinate Secretary of State William Seward , but only managed to injure him. David Herold accompanied Powell. However, Herold fled before the act was over. At the same time, George Atzerodt should have assassinated Vice President Andrew Johnson . Atzerodt did not go with the murder.
  • Booth and Herold escape the Capital and go to Mary Surratt’s Tavern in Maryland where they pick up supplies. They then went to Dr. Samuel Mudd where Booth’s feet are set.
  • Lincoln was taken to Petersen House across the street from the Ford Theater where he finally died at 7:22 a.m. April 15, 1865.
  • War Secretary Edwin Stanton stayed with the Lincolns at Petersen House and coordinated efforts to arrest the conspirators.
  • On April 26, Herold and Booth were found hiding in a barn near Port Royal , Virginia. Herold gives up but Booth refuses to get out of the barn so it is burned. In the chaos, a soldier shoots and kills Booth.
  • Eight Lincoln conspirators were arrested in the next few days and tried by a court -martial. They were found guilty on June 30 and given various sentences depending on their involvement. Lewis Powell (Paine), David Herold , George Atzerodt and Mary Surratt were charged with conspiracy with Boothalong with various other crimes and was suspended on July 7, 1865. Dr. Samuel Mudd was charged with conspiracy with Booth and sentenced to death in prison. Andrew Johnson finally forgave him in early 1869. Samuel Arnold and Michael O’Laughlen had conspired with Booth to kidnap President Lincoln and were found guilty and sentenced to death. O’Laughlen died in prison but Arnold was pardoned by Johnson in 1869. Edman Spangler was found guilty of helping Booth escape the Ford Theater. He was also pardoned by Johnson in 1869.

As noted earlier, this is a known fact. However, who was really involved in the death of Abraham Lincoln? Over the years, many theories have emerged to try and explain how this terrible tragedy could have happened. In the following pages, some of these theories will be explained in depth.

Pre-murder: Kidnapping

Is murder the first goal? The general consensus today is that the first goal of the conspirators was to kidnap the President. Several attempts to kidnap Lincoln fell, and then the Confederacy surrendered to the North. Booth’s mind changed to assassinate the President. Until recent days, there has been a lot of speculation about the existence of a kidnapping plot.

Some people feel it might be used to unleash a suspended conspiracy. Even the organizing judge worried talking about the kidnapping plot might lead to an innocent verdict for some if not all of the conspirators. They are believed to have suppressed important evidence such as John Wilkes Booth’s diary. (Hanchett, The Lincoln Assassination Conspiracies, 107) On the other hand, some have argued that there was a kidnapping plot because it gave rise to their desire to link Booth with the great conspiracy controlled by the Confederacy. With the kidnapping plot established, the question remains: Who is actually behind and involved in the assassination of the President?

Easy Conspiracy Theory

The simple conspiracy in its most basic form states that Booth and a group of friends initially planned to kidnap the president. This eventually led to murder. In fact, the conspirators also assassinated Vice President Johnson and Secretary of State Seward at the same time dealing a major blow to the U.S. government.

Their goal is to give the South a chance to bounce back. Booth sees himself as a hero. In his diary, John Wilkes Booth claims that Abraham Lincoln was a cruel man and Booth should be praised like Brutus for killing Julius Caesar. (Hanchett, 246) When Secretary Abraham Lincoln Nicolay and Hay wrote their ten -volume biography of Lincoln in 1890 they “presented the assassination as a simple conspiracy.” (Hanchett, 102)

The Grand Conspiracy Theory

While Lincoln’s personal secretary presented a simple conspiracy as the most likely scenario, they acknowledged that Booth and his co-conspirators had ‘suspicious contacts’ with Confederate leaders. (Hanchett, 102). The Great Conspiracy Theory focuses on this relationship between Booth and Confederate leaders in the south. Many variations exist in this theory. For example, it is said that Booth had ties to Coalition leaders in Canada. It should be noted that in April 1865, President Andrew Johnson issued a declaration offering rewards for the arrest of in connection with the assassination of Lincoln.

He was arrested for testimony by an individual named Conover who was later found to have given false testimony. The Republicans also allowed the idea of ​​the Great Conspiracy to fall by the wayside because Lincoln had to be martyred, and they didn’t want his reputation to be tarnished by the idea that anyone who wanted him killed was a madman.

Grand Eisenschmil’s Conspiracy Theory

This conspiracy theory looks fresh on Lincoln’s assassination as investigated by Otto Eisenschiml and reported in his book Why Was Lincoln Murdered?

It involved the figure of War Secretary Edwin Stanton. Eisenschiml claims that the traditional explanation of Lincoln’s murder is unsatisfactory. (Hanchett, 157). This shaky theory is based on the assumption that General Grant would not change his plans to accompany the President to the theater on April 14 without an order. Eisenschiml insisted that Stanton must be involved in Grant’s decision because he was the only person other than Lincoln for whom Grant would take orders. Eisenschiml continues to offer hidden motives for many of the actions Stanton took immediately after the murder. He was supposed to leave one route out of Washington, one Booth just happened to take. The presidential guard, John F. Parker, was never punished for leaving office.

Eisenschiml also noted that the conspirators were hooded, killed and / or sent to remote prisons so that they could not involve others. However, this is the point at which Eisenschiml’s theory collapses like most other major conspiracy theories. Some conspirators have ample time and opportunity to speak out and involve Stanton and many more if a grand conspiracy really exists. (Hanchett, 180) They were heavily questioned during the arrest and were not actually seen through the entire trial. In addition, after being imprisoned and released from prison, Spangler, Mudd and Arnold never involved anyone. One would think that men who reportedly hate the Union would enjoy the thought of overthrowing the leadership of the United States by involving Stanton,

Small Conspiracy

There are many other conspiracy theories to assassinate Lincoln. The two most interesting, though unusual, involve Andrew Johnson and the papacy. Members of Congress tried to implicate Andrew Johnson in the murder. They also called a special committee to investigate in 1867. The committee was unable to find any connection between Johnson and the murder. It is interesting to note that Congress fired Johnson in the same year.

The second theory as proposed by Emmett McLoughlin and others is that the Roman Catholic Church had reason to hate Abraham Lincoln. This is based on Former Lincoln’s legal defense against the Bishop of Chicago. This theory is further enhanced by the fact that Catholic John H. Surratt, son of Mary Surratt, fled America and ended up in the Vatican. However, the evidence linking Pope Pius IX with the assassination is doubtful.

In conclusion

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln has gone through many revisions over the past 136 years. Immediately after the tragedy, the Great Conspiracy involving Confederate leaders was the most widely accepted. Around the turn of the century, the Simple Conspiracy theory had gained a prominent position. In the 1930s, the Grand Eisenschiml Conspiracy theory emerged with the publication Why Was Lincoln Killed? In addition, the years have been sprinkled with other remarkable conspiracies to explain the murder.

As has gone on, one thing is true, Lincoln has been and will remain an American icon praised for his impressive strength and credit for saving our country from division and moral negligence.

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