Tailwind CSS —How to Design Custom Animations

Wanna learn how to design custom animations using TailwindCSS?

Here’s the detailed guide by our team that will help you learn to design custom animations.

Days are gone when web designers were using .gif files to show some animations. It’s easy to use CSS animations instead of using external files(you never know, gifs can make your site slow! 😨).

However, CSS provides the facility to apply animations, we will discuss how to add custom animations using Tailwind CSS in this blog.

Here’s the list of all 10 animations you will learn in this guide.

  1. wiggle
  2. heartBeat
  3. flip horizontal
  4. flip vertical
  5. swing
  6. rubberBand
  7. flash
  8. headShake
  9. wobble
  10. jello

For detailed implementation, navigate to blog.canopas.com

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