AARP Member Age Requirement

AARP and its affiliates are not insurers. Paid endorsement. The Hartford pays royalties to AARP for the use of its intellectual property. These rights are used for the general purposes of AARP. AARP membership is required to be eligible for the Program in most states.

The AARP Auto Insurance Program is underwritten by Hartford Fire Insurance Company and its affiliates, One Hartford Plaza, Hartford, CT 06155. In California, underwritten by Hartford Underwriters Insurance Company; in WA, Hartford Casualty Insurance Company; in MN, Sentinel Insurance Company; and in MA, MI and PA, Trumbull Insurance Company. AARP Homeowners Insurance Program of The Hartford is underwritten by Hartford Fire Insurance Company and its affiliates, One Hartford Plaza, Hartford, CT 06155.

In California, it is underwritten by Property and Casualty Insurance Company of Hartford; in WA, MI, MN, by Trumbull Insurance Company; in MA by Trumbull Insurance Company, Sentinel Insurance Company, Hartford Insurance Company of the Midwest, Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company; and in PA by Hartford Underwriters Insurance Company. Not available in all states, including FL. Specific features, credits and discounts may vary and may not be available in all states based on state registrations and applicable law. Applicants are individually enrolled and some may not qualify. Auto and Home are not currently available in Canada and US territories or possessions.

1 In Texas, the Auto Program is underwritten by Southern County Mutual Insurance Company through the Hartford Fire General Agency. Hartford Fire Insurance Company and its affiliates are not financially responsible for insurance products underwritten and issued by Southern County Mutual Insurance Company. The Home Program is underwritten by Trumbull Insurance Company.

AARP health insurance program?

AARP is the oldest and largest of the country’s federations. AARP covers more than 260 million Americans with a wide array of benefits, including medical, dental, and life insurance insurance plans. If you are covering your own health, you should probably look into joining. If you’re worried about not having affordable health care of your own, it’s probably best to go with it.

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is the oldest fiscal and charitable association in the United States, founded in 1943. AARP was created by a small group of high-ranking aluminum executives who, after seeing a photograph of President Roosevelt sitting next to a banner proclaiming “AARP for Educators,” realized that the association could help their cause. They founded the organization with a $15,000 grant from Andrew Carnegie, and have since raised over $200 million a year for their cause.

Many Americans do not have access to the care they need, even if they are eligible for Medicare or Medicaid. Our AARP family of convenience plans give you access to your own personal home health care attendant and even personal nurse for a flat rate of $1,500 per year. This no-obligation plan is an excellent way to help you stay in control of your health and to avoid high out-of-pocket costs of costly medical bills. If you want to be healthy and stay out of the hospital, sign up today!

The health insurance program is a government-sponsored, government-run health coverage program that provides a set number of benefits to its members. AARP was created in 1945 to promote the health and interests of the elderly population. Now, the AARP is one of the largest health insurance organizations in the United States. The AARP offers various products and benefits, including Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid.


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