How Does CBSE School Play an Important Role in Develop Life Skills in Students?

Apart from academic skills, students must be encouraged to learn life skills to make them independent, successful, and efficient. These skills will be highly valued in the future also. It is not only parents’ responsibility but also schools’ responsibility to educate their students in developing life skills.

The importance of life skills development

Let’s learn how CBSE schools nowadays play an important role in developing life skills among their students.

  1. Cultivating reading habits: the daily reading habits of a student can increase comprehension power and enhance the capacity of speed reading, which will help in grasping more things in less time.
  2. Problem-solving capability: In real life, problems come unexpectedly, which makes students panic, angry, and develop anxiety in them. So, teaching your children and students how to tackle problems with a positive attitude is important. Some of the best CBSE schools in Pune educate their students on dealing with problems and pressures by conducting and making students participate in various practical activities.
  3. Communication- Students need to validate their feelings and never underestimate or not cultivate self-doubt because if that does not happen, it can reduce their confidence. Eventually, it will develop a fear of criticism. You will find this practice in some schools in Wakad, Pune. They conduct debates, quizzes, cultural events, elocutions, etc. to engage their students to master the art of communication and to help them eliminate the fear of communication.
  4. Leadership- It is important to teach or learn how to convince others that your thoughts, ideas, and approach courses of action are valid and will create value for the whole team. Teaching them how to take the initiative and make others work with them is essential to developing team spirit. As we all know, leadership skills are critical if you want to succeed. CBSE schools do focus on improving the leadership skills of their students. 
  5.  The skill of effective time management: you will find the best CBSE schools in Pune which emphasize time management skills the most. For a student, time management is as essential as studying. As parents or teachers, we should teach our children or students how to manage time in an exam, finishing homework or assignments, or studying time. We should always teach them the value of time and how it can be productive. 
  6. The Habit of Listening: In a conversation, the person who does not know when to stop speaking will never be able to learn from others because that person is too busy giving his thoughts and perspectives over and over without listening to the other one. So, it is an important skill to learn when to stop and how to be a good listener. Parents and CBSE schools should teach their children to listen correctly to get something new and valuable out of any conversation.
  7. Self-motivation: It is a very crucial skill to know how to self-motivate. It is easy to lose motivation in day-to-day life. Motivation from outside has a much shorter impact than motivation generated by oneself. Parents and schools should teach their children that “we always need a push from within to succeed in life.” Teach them to surround themselves with positive people. 
  8. The habit of exploring new things: There are some schools in Wakad, Pune, that always focus on providing external and extraordinary information and knowledge to their students by organizing workshops, science fairs, cultural activities, exhibitions, etc. This develops the skill of curiosity among students and eagerness and excitement to learn new things. 


School is where a child gains a significant chunk of education and learning. Students need to be taught all kinds of life skills as a part of education for their overall development.

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