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How to get an Indian Toll-free Number?

Indian Toll-free number is becoming increasingly popular because of the number of benefits it offers. These numbers are available in the 1800 series in the format 1800-ABC-DEFG in India and are used to enable customers to contact the business free of cost. When the customers call the toll-free contact number, they don’t have to bear any cost. Instead, the company pays for the calls made and received using this number. The toll-free number in India is in huge demand because it offers several benefits to businesses all over India. It is helping business owners to streamline their client communication and attract more customers. Let’s discuss the solution and how you can get the software at a competitive price.

Benefit for Customers:

Zero Cost & Better Brand recall value

The Indian -toll-free number is embedded with features designed to extend the solution’s capabilities to address communication and other business requirements, starting with zero call cost. It offers an enhanced CX because callers need not pay anything to contact the business. So, they are motivated to contact the business to inquire about a product.

Companies can tap into a business opportunity, nurture the lead, and maximize profitability. In addition to the zero cost, the solution helps create a better brand recall value. The toll-free contact number is available in an easy-to-recall format, so customers do not face any issues while recalling the numbers. By continuously using the toll-free business contact number, it becomes an inseparable part of the identity of the organization. The customers instantly recognize the brand with the toll-free business number often used at multi touch points.

Better Communication

Businesses can integrate the IVR- Interactive Voice Response technology into the toll-free number India number. The IVR offers a series of options- menus and submenus- to the customers who can identify the right menus to resolve their queries. The IVR provides self-help menus, and the customers can effortlessly get answers to their questions. With the IVR, a business can offer customized IVR campaigns with custom greetings in the local and regional languages. It further provides a better CX.

Better Connectivity

The software enables quick connectivity with the help of the call routing feature. The software allows for optimised call routing- connecting customers quickly with the available agents. With faster connectivity, the customers don’t have to wait long before talking to the agents. It creates a superb experience for the customers helping in building brand loyalty.

Better Understanding of The Customers

A business can succeed when it gets a good understanding of its customers and their preferences. The call recording feature in the software solution helps a company know the customers’ pain points. They can make informed decisions regarding their business strategies and meet customer expectations.


Businesses can forward the calls received on the toll-free company to the agents’ mobile numbers and landlines. This way, they can make them accessible to the customers 24×7 and ensure that their grievances are heard and addressed promptly. It boosts customer satisfaction and helps the business attract more customers.

Collect Customer Feedback

In addition to providing the customers greater accessibility to their business, companies can also know about the customer opinion on their products and services, and campaigns by collecting their feedback. With the toll-free number integration, a business can conduct polls and surveys, know the customers’ views, and align the company to meet customer expectations.

How Can You Get The Solution?

If you are interested in buying the toll-free number solution, it would be best to rely only on a cloud telephony company with a proven track record and goodwill in the market. Knowlarity fits the bill as it is a leading cloud telephony company in India and the best toll-free number service provider that offers the Indian toll-free number at the best price. More than 6000 organizations worldwide trust Knowlarity for its extensive range of cloud-communication products to meet their diverse business requirements. The company offers a free demo and a free trial to help you explore the vast potential of the product in transforming your business communication.

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