What is the Role Played by a Data Analyst?

What is the Role Played by a Data Analyst?

What is the role played by a data analyst?

Data analysis is not a new term. It’s been living among us for ages, but it took a long time to mark its presence among other technological aspects.

A data analyst’s role is to collect, clean, and interpret the data sets in order to generate solutions to the problem. These professionals are very useful for industries including business, finance, criminal justice, medicine, science, and government sectors.

A data analyst assists various industries in developing solutions to problems such as which customers should be targeted, what behavior patterns will affect sales, or what age group people are suspected of having this disease, among other things. Almost every industry is working towards reaping the maximum from the large volume of data and data analysts help them in achieving the desired outcomes.

What is data analysis?

The process of data analysis is defined as generating insights from a large pool of data that helps in creating informed business decisions. The complete process of data analysis turns around different steps followed as:

  • Identifying the data
  • Collecting the data
  • Cleaning the data
  • Analyzing the data
  • Interpretation of the data

There are different forms of data analysis. Which form to be used when depends upon the problem for which you are looking for an answer? For example,

  • Descriptive analysis helps you examine what has happened.
  • Diagnostic analysis helps in identifying why it happened.
  • Predictive analysis helps in analyzing the predictions for the future.
  • Prescriptive analysis suggests actionable advice to take against the actions.

Who is a data analyst?

As mentioned above, a data analyst is a professional whose job is to gather and interpret the data in order to arrive at a specific solution to a problem. Their job role demands a lot of time that needs to be spent on analyzing the data and generating well-informed decisions to be applied as a solution to the problems.

What does a data analyst do?

Here’s a complete list of the tasks accomplished by a data analyst.

  • Gathering the data: Most analysts collect their data themselves. They often take the help of surveys, tracking visitors’ considerations or buying data sets from data collection specialists. Once the data is gathered, further processing is followed.
  • Cleaning the data: there are times when the collected data is not as cleaned as it needs to be. It might contain duplicates, errors, or outliners. Cleaning the data involves the process of maintaining the quality of the data on spreadsheets or through programming languages. This is done to improve the interpretations.
  • Modeling the data: this task involves creating and designing the structure of the database. Herein, you can design the database as per the needs of the type of data to be stored and collected. You can also define the data as per different categories.
  • Interpreting the data: a data analyst interprets the data and figures out the solutions to the problems by finding patterns or trends hidden in the data.
  • Presentation of data: A data analyst also needs to present the finding of the analysis through charts and graph, writing reports and other modes of presentation.

A data analyst needs to apply critical thinking skills while handling the job responsibilities. If you find yourself accommodated with such skill set, then you can be a successful data analyst. Check here for Data Analytics Course in Gurgaon

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