A Beginners Guide to VMware Certification

Here is A Beginners Guide to VMware Certification. VMware certification focuses on providing software and solutions to companies and businesses. VMware is widely known for offering multiple software and solutions such as cloud management and virtualization, data centre virtualization, network virtualization, and desktop and mobility. Those who have an interest in catering to a career in VMware products and services can take up the VMware certification and explore new career options.

Are you eligible to take the VMware certification?

Any career you choose depends upon the interests you have and the qualifications you possess. Choosing a career path is somewhat difficult, especially in the tech world, as there are millions of options available to make aspirants confused. To cut the confusion, there is a way. If you are interested in configuring networks, developing mobile and desktop apps, and manipulating data, then VMware certification has a lot to offer you.

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VMware certification

The VMware certification is designed to give aspirants the means to turn their passion into a career. Those who are interested in cloud management, network visualization, or data centers can find VMware certification as the means to get a deep insight into all that is included in the work process. VMware certification exams are designed to educate and validate one’s knowledge and skills in their preferred field of interest. Those who have taken the exam successfully and cleared the lab work tasks can achieve the taboo of being a certified professional.

What are the benefits of VMware certification?

VMware tends to offer multiple benefits to certification holders. Some of them are:

  • It gives recognition to the aspirant’s technical skills and knowledge.
  • It helps in opening up several career opportunities.
  • It allows certified professionals to use the VMware professional logo on business cards and websites.
  • It gives professionals a place in the VCDX professional directory.

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The VMware certification program

An aspirant can find VMware certification programs in 4 categories. Every certification program is designed on the basis of VMware software and service applications. The four certification categories include:

  • Data center virtualization is built around the VMware vSphere environment. It allows an individual to learn how to design, install, and manage the VMware vSphere infrastructure.
  • Network Virtualization: This certification course is designed to test the knowledge and skills of the NSX environment. It tests the understanding and expertise gained by an individual in managing the VMware NSX ecosystem.

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  • Cloud management and automation: Under this certification category, the knowledge and skills of an individual to install, configure, and optimize vRealize are tested.
  • Desktop and Mobility: Under this, the aspirants should be working on VMware Horizon, which covers both VMware vSphere and the entire service ecosystem.

Levels of VMware certification

There are certain certification levels designed to give aspirants a variety of ways to attain the required knowledge about VMware products and solutions. These levels are:

VMware certified associate level (VCA): It covers the understanding of VMware software and services.

VMware certified professional (VCP): This certification level tests your ability to work across the IT community.

VMware certified advanced professional (VCAP): this is an advanced certification level designed to solve complex IT problems.

VMware certified implementation expert (VCIE): this certification level evaluates your ability to implement VMware software applications.

VMware certified Design Expert (VCDE): this design level certification is meant for those whose role is to design, build and manage VMware solutions.

VMware certification is meant to give a different career scope to the individuals who are interested on making their career in the field of virtualization. There are different certification levels and categories to choose from after which an aspirant can achieve new career heights.

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