The Various Factors Affecting SAP B1 Pricing

There are a number of factors that have an effect on the purchasing as well as implementation costs of any ERP system. SAP B1 pricing is also not an exception. The entire process to understand the purchasing and licensing of SAP Business One has to be understood. The SAP B1 pricing is determined by factors like the type of database, hosting options, implementation, integrations, custom development as well as any additions if required.

Let us understand the SAP Licensing

SAP software will balance the business requirements of the user’s present as well as the future. To understand the SAP Business One licensing, the deployment option has to be determined (whether on-premise or on cloud) and the type of license. SAP Business One provides a few flexible models of licensing to select the best option according to the budget requirements, needs of the business, as well as timeframe.

SAP Business One License Models

One Time Licenses – With a one time license, the payment of the SAP Business One costs and purchasing a license suitable to the business becomes very easy.

• License Subscription – This kind of model will need a renewal of the SAP Business One license subscription annually.

There are a number of licenses. You can choose any of the licenses as per the requirements of the budget. SAP B1 pricing will always be negotiable because each business will have different requirements.

Other Types of licenses

The Professional and Limited licenses are the majority of the licenses that are required for many of the SAP Business One implementations. However, there are some other types of licenses that are available which can be selected according to the unique requirements of the business. These licenses are mobile app only users for the employees in the field, indirect access for using Business One data in the third-party applications as well as a starter package license for the companies which need fewer number of users.

SAP Business One Software Licences

There are different kinds of user packs that are available for different kinds of industries.

• SAP Business One Starter Pack Licenses – A lite version of the SAP Business One software that is beneficial for small businesses.
• Professional Licenses or Limited Licenses – The license is suitable for the mid-size or big businesses.

SAP B1 pricing is dependent on a number of factors. Few are given below–

• Number of users using the software
• Number of companies
• Number of modules and functional areas
• Single or multiple locations
• Need for non-standard reports and user-specific documentation
• Integration into third-party applications
• Data conversion requirements


A good SAP Business One license provider will help you choose the best license package according to your requirements. The partner will be able to guide you in the process of selecting the appropriate SAP Business One license that will serve the needs of the business. Praxis Info Solutions is a trusted SAP partner which has a lot of experience in providing customised solutions to businesses. There is a lot of data created in ERP systems. The Praxis Business Analytics system helps businesses understand and leverage the data effectively.

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Praxis Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an award-winning SAP partner, specialised in providing SAP Business One solutions to SMEs of different industries. The company provides enterprises an affordable platform to manage their operations through the business applications of SAP, which is the world’s #1 ERP solutions provider. Praxis is also a Zoho partner, which is the #1 CRM software system, and enables businesses to customise and implement CRM solutions. The company caters majorly to business in Pune as well as Mumbai and the West region of Mahashtra.

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