4 Practical MP5 Accessories and Upgrades

What other submachine gun has captivated the interest of the American public like the HK MP5? Made legendary by military and law enforcement around the world as well as by portrayals in film, media, and video games, it is one of the most in-vogue SMG platforms in the world.

That doesn’t stop collectors and firearms enthusiasts from upgrading and modding them. You can always make a good thing better with some insightful tweaks, and these are some of the best MP5 accessories and upgrades you can get.

B&T Folding Stock with Adapter
Many MP5 SMG variants are made with a retractable stock that, while light and practical, is not the most ergonomic.

Consider upgrading yours to a more comfortable, durable folding stock such as a B&T Folding Stock with an adapter. This folding stock has a fuller, wider profile that some shooters find more comfortable, and it’s made with tough, high-density reinforced polymer.

Magpul SL M-LOK Handguard
The MP5’s standard tropical handguard is, well, practical. It works and it is a comfortable purchase, but that’s about it.

In a world where firearms manufacturers are hell-bent on covering nearly every conceivable surface of a platform with M-LOK slots and Pic rails, it’s a surprise the polymer tropical handguard of the MP5 has gotten a pass as long as it has.

Consider a Magpul SL- M-LOK Handguard upgrade that will give you much more space to mount other shooting accessories.

A Weapon Light
One of the things about the original MP5 is that there’s nowhere to mount a weapon light except the claw rail over the receiver, and if you mount one there then you have to forego an optic. So it’s not the best choice of location for a WML.

However, if you do replace the tropical handguard with an M-LOK handguard, you’ll have plenty of extra real estate for mounting accessories and can probably spare the space for a weapon light.

Moreover, weapon lights can be lifesavers if you ever need one to clear a room or to provide general utility.

A Red Dot Sight
Finally, a sight like a red dot sight can elevate your MP5 and substantially transform its viability. They lie in that middle ground somewhere between a scope and a laser sight and are ideal for close-range, rapid-fire shooting.

The nature of the MP5 does not suit itself well for precision shooting, which sort of puts scopes off the table. However, with a red dot sight, you can keep an open sight picture, shrink your groups, and make reflexive, instinctual shots without needing to line up iron sights or crosshairs. Definitely the optic of choice for an SMG-style platform like an MP5.

Don’t Have an MP5 Yet? Visit Zenith Firearms
Before you invest in these MP5 accessories and upgrades, you need an MP5. Perhaps that’s been problematic because, for various reasons, the supply of authentic MP5s is limited in the United States. Otherwise, getting a “real” one means dealing with the NFA, which is expensive, time-consuming, and stressful.

There is, however, an American-made MP5-style platform that’s faithful to the original MP5 in almost all respects. One notable difference is that it is not capable of selective fire. It’s semi-auto only, which makes it much more accessible to many collectors.

Visit Zenith Firearms at ZenithFirearms.com. They make the American-made ZF-5, which comes with 3 30-round mags, a 3-lug flash hider, a custom 2-point sling, a Picatinny optics rail mounted to the claw rail of the receiver, and a high-quality carrying case.

It’s the perfect blank slate to customize with the MP5 accessories mentioned on this list. In fact, we’d mention a muzzle device, a sling, and a carrying case, but this MP5 lookalike already comes with them.

Visit their website via the link above or get in touch with their customer service at 434-202-7790 for more information.

For more information about 922R Parts and Mp5 Pistol Please visit: Zenith Firearms.

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