5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Looking Younger for Longer

Your skin is extremely precious to you, no doubt, as it has a host of responsibilities for your body (protecting it from both big and small external factors and keeping your body’s internal structures protected). Your skin is also the main way in which you present yourself to the world! 

Unfortunately, this vital organ is also exceptionally fragile– and highly prone to aging. 

So how exactly do we keep our skin healthier and appear more youthful for longer? While we can’t reverse or stopaging, we can take various steps to keep our beautiful skin both looking and feeling healthier and younger. 

1.    Opt for Clean Skin Care Products 
One of the greatest steps you can take to keep your skin healthy and supple is by applying only clean skin care products to it. We’re talking natural organic products in particular, but be sure to still closely inspect their ingredients list. Their products may still contain harmful chemicals and other ingredients.

One brand that you can trust above all others for truly anti-aging and clean skin care products is Organic Cosmetica, so check them out when you are trying to up your skincare routine! 

2.    Have a Science-Backed Skincare Routine for Your Skin Type
You shouldn’t simply slap random products onto your skin haphazardly! Make sure to do your research and find products that specifically cater to your skin type (oily, dry, acne-prone, combination, and/or sensitive). From there, use the right products in the right order– and often. Here is an idea of what your daily routine should look like:

1.    Cleanser
2.    Toner
3.    Face Serum
4.    Eye Cream
5.    Moisturizer

You should also be augmenting your skincare routine with other products less frequently, like face masks once a week. 

3.    Exercise and Eat Healthy
We know, we know– you’ve heard this a thousand times before– if not far more. The key to being healthy is to exercise and eat healthy regularly. While that is indeed true for appearing more physically fit, battling off various ailments, and feeling better overall, it’s also applicable to your skin’s health! 

By exercising and eating healthy, you can drastically reduce the signs of aging in your skin. 

4.    Don’t Smoke 
We are sorry if this is a rather trite reminder at this point but simply put: don’t smoke. Smoking is not only extremely harmful to your body internally but externally as well. It can directly lead to skin aging on your face, neck, and lips! 

5.    Meditate and De-Stress in Healthy Ways
One of the biggest contributors to signs of aging is stress. Many people believe that they handle their stress “just fine,” but unfortunately they do not. Make sure that you are taking stress seriously (this is not only poor for your skin but your overall physical, mental, and emotional health!) and handling it in a safe manner. Try meditation, breathing practices, seeking therapy, making time for hobbies, going on walks, and even playing sports.

By de-stressing, you are helping your entire body fight aging– including your skin. 

Be sure to browse all of the science-backed, organic, and carefully crafted skincare products over at Organic Cosmetica to complete your skin-replenishing skincare routine. If you have any questions, give them a call today at 888-998-3498.

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