7 Great Ideas for Decorating with an Antique Floor Mirror

Antique floor mirrors are versatile and imbued with an undeniable air of opulence. Whatever you do with one, your interior spaces will be better off by their grace and charm.

It doesn’t hurt to have a vision, though, and these 7 ideas for decorating with an antique floor mirror will help you create one with purpose.

1. Opposite the entryway
It’s a habit to want to make sure you’re arranged just as you’re going out the door. The same applies to guests coming in. Offering them a full-length mirror will allow them to see their full body – hat to heels – so they can get a final look and enjoy peace of mind in their ensemble.

Placing an antique floor mirror opposite an entryway will offer this courtesy that a simple wall mirror can’t, and it will open up a space.

2. At the end of a hall
Placing an antique floor mirror at the end of a hall will create an illusion of greater depth, making the hall look not only more capacious but longer than it actually is. This will give a grander, more wide-open feeling to your home.

3. Flank a centerpiece
For this, you’ll need two floor mirrors. Place one on either side of a table, a sculpture, or some other artistic fixture in order to frame the center of attention and create depth.

Mirrors actually serve as excellent artistic frames because they lack any substance of their own, instead reflecting what is near them. Angling the mirrors inward toward a sculpture or display will make it observable from additional angles and make it seem larger while passively emphasizing it.

4. Staggered along a hallway
Placing floor mirrors on opposite walls of a hallway and staggering them along its length will make the hall appear infinitely more open. It will also make it seem as if the hallway has windows even though it might not, making it appear freer and less restrictive if that’s the sort of aesthetic you appreciate.

5. At the end of – or across from – a dining room table
Placing a floor mirror across from or at the end of a dining room table, on the opposite wall, will open up your dining room spaces and will also place an accent on your company.

6. In a tight space
One of the great advantages of antique floor mirrors comes from their ability to open up tight spaces. If you have any uncomfortably narrow or tight rooms or corners in your home, adding a floor mirror will make them seem much larger and more inviting. This trick is great in halls, living rooms, and elsewhere around a home.

7. Across from a window
Placing a floor mirror across from a window offers two unique advantages. One is that it will appear to look like a window itself, making the space seem more open and free.

The other is that it will capture and reflect the light that comes in through the window, brightening up the space with natural light. This is one of the best ways to use a mirror to capture and utilize natural light, too.

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