The G&G Combat Machine Raider: The Best Starter Airsoft Gun?

As is the case in nearly all matters, one’s experience will improve enjoyment as well as proficiency. It is no different with airsoft players. Seasoned veterans of the airsoft field can often lean on their own experience to pick out an airsoft pistol or AEG airsoft rifle. For beginners, it’s a bit harder.

If you’re just starting out, you need to consider price, features, reliability, expandability and so much more, and it can be hard to absorb it all. You might be looking through budget-friendly beginner guns from Tokyo Marui or Lancer Tactical.

Our suggestion just might be the best beginner airsoft gun of them all: a G&G Combat Machine Raider, A.K.A. a G&G CM16. 

Everything We Love About the G&G Combat Machine Raider
It’s hard to condense everything we love about the G&G Combat Machine Raider into one short post, but we’re going to try. 

● Construction 
The G&G CM16 lacks the full metal construction of some other beginner airsoft guns, but it still has a high-quality polymer receiver that actually has some advantages. 

It’s lighter than many metal receivers and it’s also corrosion-proof. It’s also extremely strong and durable and keeps costs down. 

● Crisp trigger response & selector switch 
Once you feel the crisp trigger response and selector switch on this airsoft assault rifle, you won’t believe the price. It handles and feels like an AEG several times more than the sticker price would have you believe.

● Internals 
The G&G Combat Machine Raider has a long-type motor and comes with a Version 2, full-metal, fully upgradeable gearbox with 8mm brass bearings.
The internals are built to deliver and to last, but when you want to upgrade them, you can. 

● Power & adjustability 
The G&G Raider’s motor throws a lot of torque, and the platform is rated to deliver muzzle velocities between 370 and 400 FPS with .20g airsoft ammo. You might want to shoot slightly heavier projectiles for greater accuracy and flight stability, though. 
Also, on the note of accuracy, this AEG features an adjustable hop-up system so you can extend range and dial in accuracy. 

● Agility, perfect for close-quarters combat (CQB)
This rifle is light and handles beautifully. It’s about 4 lbs 9 oz, although that will vary based on how you outfit the airsoft gun. There is both a long version and a short version available. Both feature 6-position adjustable stocks; the short version is adjustable between 26” and 30” and the long version between 31” and 35”, making them ideal for CQB.

● Versatility, room for attachments 
The G&G Combat Machine Raider comes with flip-up iron sights and an M-LOK handguard with plenty of room for mounting accessories, like optics, lights, or red dot sights. 

● Disassembly is easy 
Breaking down this beginner airsoft gun is easy and streamlines maintenance whether in the field or at home. 

● Can be modded easily 
One of the great things about getting a budget-friendly platform for playing airsoft games is the prospect of modifying it to make it better. The best starter airsoft guns can be modded easily, and this one is no exception. 

An affordable price is a must for many beginner players, and the G&G Combat Machine Raider offers a price point that you won’t believe. Though you can get one for under $200, it’s definitely in a class with other AEGs that cost much more.

The Ultimate Budget Beginner Airsoft Gun: Save on a G&G Combat Machine Raider
If you’re sold on the G&G Combat Machine Raider as the best starter airsoft gun, or even if you want to learn a little more before buying, visit MiR Tactical online at 

They offer a price match guarantee on their products and you can get a G&G CM16 for under $200 as it is. Check out their website for more information and get yourself a beginner airsoft gun that performs.

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