Which School Focuses More On Extra-Curricular Activities: International Or Local?

Developing the quality of being social is very crucial nowadays for every child. It is equally necessary for a child to be academically strong along with studying. So schools need to conduct extra-curricular activities for the overall development of a child. Every school should focus on extra-curricular activities if they want their students to stand out from the crowd. These activities can reveal those things about a student that their grades and marks can never do. Extra-curricular activities introduce students to their leadership qualities, commitments, dedication, values, characters, competencies, etc. It gives a student a chance to show that they are a complete individual.

Outside classroom activities create excitement to learn more and explore new things easily. Extra-curricular activities remove hesitation from students’ minds by helping them in making new friends and present themselves in a better way.

Which School Focuses More on Extra-Curricular Activities: International or Local?

As the importance of academic skills has increased. All types of schools, Local or International, are very active in providing extra-curricular facilities to their students. For a school to provide extra-curricular activity facilities, it needs proper infrastructure and land. With the latest technology and infrastructure facilities, International schools are more active in providing extra-curricular activity facilities. 

Currently, some international schools in Pune conduct lots of extra-curricular activities like Yoga, exercise, and sports like badminton, carrom, football, cricket, gymnastics, table tennis, chess, etc., dance, music, drama, swimming, etc.  

The international school in Pune makes extra-curricular activities a curriculum in their education system because they believe that these activities will develop creative thinking. These schools select students who have an interest and ability in sports activities and help them perform at the National and International levels by representing their school and country on higher levels. 

Some international schools also keep track of their student’s performance in extra-curricular activities, and they frequently share their feedback with parents to keep them up-to-date about their child’s performance. Some International schools also provide report cards to students about their progress in extra-curricular activities.

Some extra-curricular activities conducted in schools with their benefits are listed below:

Yoga & Exercises

It enhances the thinking ability of students and also improves physical fitness. It also increases their power of spirituality and positivity. There are some international schools in Pune that performs regular Yoga exercises at their school premises. 

Charity and Social Work

It helps the student interact with others and understand the importance of help and kindness. It will improve their perspective on the world and humanity. 

Music, Dance & Drama

These kinds of extra-curricular activities create happiness. It also helps them to understand and find their interest in depth. It enhances the confidence of students in presenting them in a better way. 

Indoor and Outdoor Games

Mostly indoor games are helpful for small kids in nursery school. Games improve the coordination among students and encourage students to become more creative. In this way, they will be expressive and curious. 

Debates and Quizzes

It helps students who participate in debates and quizzes to overcome their fear of public speaking and communication problem. In this way, they will be curious to learn new things about what is happening in the world and will develop their analytical skill as well. 


You will find some best international schools in India, like the Global Indian School, Pune. Before choosing a school based on extra-curricular activities, parents must be aware that the primary goal of schools should be to provide quality education, which should never be compromised. Schools that give priority both to formal education as well as academic skills are always to be preferred.

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