6 Easy and Beautiful Ways to Decorate Your Small Porch

Not all of us have been blessed with a wrap-around porch or even a porch that is large enough to fit a nice rocker chair! Some of us have quite cramped front porches– and that is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. It’s also a feature that you can properly celebrate– with the right decorations!

That’s precisely what we aim to do in this article: highlight those smaller porches sublimely with just the right outdoor decor! Without further ado, here are six easy and beautiful ways to decorate your small porch!

1. Add a Tall Narrow Planter
Adding plants to your outdoor patio is a must-have, which is why adding a tall narrow planter to your porch is #1 on our list. When you opt for a narrow planter, it allows you to easily and seamlessly fit it onto your porch in an innocuous manner. The height on the planter will provide an unequivocal charm to your entire porch and the perfect place to house your favorite plants.

2. Wrap String Lights and/or Garland Around Posts
If your porch has some pillars, posts, or support beams of any kind, don’t neglect them because these can be easily decorated and spice up your small porch! You can wrap string lights, ropes, garland, ribbon, or any other decorative stringed object around them.

3. Mount a Wall Trellis
Do you have empty wall space on your porch? If so, that’s perfect because you can easily add a wall trellis on there! A wall trellis is a simple yet enamoring way of bringing your outdoor space to life without requiring much space to do so. You can either leave it as is or you can add your favorite cascading plants to it.

4. Use Those Steps!
Don’t forget to hone in on your front steps! While you shouldn’t clutter them with decorations (you need to walk on them, after all), you should use them to your advantage! Try placing small planters of varying sizes all along your steps. These will not only add depth to your steps but improve the overall look of your quaint porch.

5. Layer Rugs and Doormats
We all know the function of a classic doormat and we personally are huge fans of it. But, did you know that you could really bring this quintessential porch piece from humdrum to heroic? Simply double up your doormat with a colorful rug beneath it. This will provide depth and provide your porch with that highly-desired symmetry!

6. Paint Your Door a Bright Color
One of the easiest ways to brighten up your small front porch without eating away at the presently sparse space is by painting your door. But, don’t just choose any old bland and typical color for the job. You should choose something that really jumps out, a truly vibrant color that only enhances your curb appeal while distracting from the smaller size of your porch! We are talking about bright reds, pinks, blues, and greens. Trust us: bright is good for small spaces.

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