Why is AWS Better Than Azure?

Why is AWS Better Than Azure? You must have heard about cloud computing. It is the access to computing resources, i.e., applications, servers, development tools, networking capabilities, and many more via the internet. Such resources are generally hosted at a remote data centre and managed by a cloud service provider.

The cloud service provider can be anyone. By now, two cloud service providers are leading the cloud computing world. AWS and Azure have both established themselves as the dominating service providers.

Cloud computing has become an essential part of business in terms of cost-saving, increased productivity, improving business efficiency and performance, and improved security. Apart from this, cloud computing has created several career prospects for aspiring talent.

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Among the two, which one is better and why is a big question. Let’s start with the two.

What is AWS?

AWS is the easy-to-go public cloud computing platform powered by Amazon that is widely known for its secure cloud services and functionalities.

Its services range from computing power, database storage solutions, content delivery solutions, etc. Apart from these, its helpful features help many businesses to scale and grow.

What is Azure?

It is a public cloud platform powered by Microsoft. It is used for building, deploying, and managing applications and services anywhere. It provides a wide range of services, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and others.

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Which one is the more popular?

When it comes to popularity, AWS wins the game. As per a report, most businesses, somewhere around 41.5%, have been using applications and services provided by AWS.

AWS has some big names attached to it that showcase the level of popularity it holds in the market. Still, if you feel like knowing which is better, AWS or Azure, read further.

When it comes to making a career transition, AWS and Azure can both be considered.

AWS or Azure-whatever the employers want

If you look at the preferential differences between AWS and Azure on the basis of employers’ demand, you will find that it all depends upon the different requirements created by them.

Both AWS and Azure have their own benefits and shortcomings, and every employer is completely aware of what they are looking for and in what manner.

Whatever skill set he wants from his employees will define the selection of a cloud service provider.

AWS or Azure-which offers a better career choice

Of course, the same rule applies here also. When it comes to gaining certification for a better career, you cannot decide randomly on anything. It’s hard to choose one between the AWS or Azure certifications. Both have their own benefits for aspirants. It all depends upon the dream job, organizational requirements, targeted income, and other similar factors.

If your targeted job profile is asking for an AWS skill set, you should go for that and vice-versa.

Why is AWS better than Azure?

If you particularly want to know, why AWS is better than Azure, than AWS certified professionals are highly paid. Compared to the Azure certified professionals, the AWS certified professionals are paid more. Also, the chances to receive regular promotions are on the cards for the AWS professionals.

Of course, from career and salary and growth point of view, AWS is better than Azure. Otherwise, Azure gives tough competition to Azure.

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