5 Basic Advantages of Disposable Vape Pens

Generally speaking, disposable vape pens don’t give you the ability to tinker with power settings or different types of tanks or coils.

So if they’re so limiting, can’t be refilled, and need to be thrown away once they die or run empty, what’s the point? Why would you choose a disposable vape pen over a mod that you could easily refill or customize?

Well, it’s all in how you look at it. Some people want exactly what disposables offer. Consider these 5 basic advantages of disposable versus refillable models.

1. Lots of different options, vape juice flavors, configurations, and sizes
One of the most important things to be aware of is that choosing a disposable vape pen instead of a refillable or a more complex mod does not really limit your options.

There are plenty of different disposable vape pens and devices out there from Esco Bars, Elf Bar, Juice Head, Cool Play, PHRUT, and many others, all available in a wide range of sizes, great flavors, and other configurations.

There are even some disposables filled with nic salts and with mesh coils for a more intense, consistent vaping experience.

2. They’re extremely convenient, pre-filled, ready to vape, and easy to use, even for beginners
Almost all disposable vapes (if not all, honestly) are extremely beginner-friendly. They generally have internal batteries, lack controls (like more complex vaping products) and settings, and are simply draw-activated. It couldn’t be easier or more straightforward. When you want a hit, you simply break out the vape pen and take one.

3. Less likely to leak than other vaping devices
Since disposable vape pens cannot be refilled and do not accept pods or removable tanks, they’re far less likely to leak. It is theoretically possible but generally unheard of.

In fact, many disposable vape pens boast “leak-proof” technology. If they’re confident enough to state that, you can trust that they’re not going to leave a sticky mess in your pocket or bag. That alone is a huge bonus!

4. They’re compact, lightweight, and ultra discrete – the ultimate portable vaping product
Since they don’t have large, removable batteries, tanks, and other bulky components, disposable vape pens tend to be very compact, lightweight, and discrete. This, coupled with the fact that they’re easy to use and less likely to leak, makes them better for traveling or for those that live an on-the-go lifestyle. Simply stash a disposable in your pocket and meet whatever the day brings.

5. Many of them are highly affordable
Finally, we have cost. Cost is an important consideration for many different vapers. Sometimes, it just isn’t worth the expense and trouble to customize a mod, especially if convenience is the end goal. Many disposable pens cost only a few dollars and last for hundreds if not thousands of puffs, making them extremely budget-friendly for more users.

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