5 Things to Look For When Buying a Non Nicotine Vape Pen

While vaping is becoming more and more common, it’s still pretty tricky to find a non nicotine vape pen. In 2018, over 8.1 million adults in the United States reported vaping, whether it be to help them quit smoking or because they enjoy the flavors. But even a little bit of nicotine can be harmful and addictive, which is why non nicotine vape pens are becoming more desirable.

Young people, ages 15 to 17, are becoming the biggest consumers of vape products. Unfortunately, two-thirds of teenage JUUL users aren’t even aware that most vape products include nicotine, according to the Truth Initiative. This is quite a concerning statistic. Fortunately, there are more and more vape pens on the market that specialize in having zero nicotine.

Of course, not every vape pen is created equal. Users will want a quality vape pen with certain characteristics to better avoid using nicotine products in the future. Here are some things to look for when buying a non nicotine vape pen.

When people search for non nicotine vape pens, the look and feel of the vape pen is often at the top of the priority list. Some people are looking for vape pens that feel similar to cigarettes. Others want something cute and fun.

No matter the person’s individual preference, more often than not they are looking for something small and discreet. A vape pen should feel comfortable in your hands and be able to easily fit in your pocket, purse, backpack, or fanny pack.

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Battery Life
If you’re looking for a consistent vape pen to use over and over, consider a reusable vape pen that can be recharged. Most quality vape pens will last between 200 and 500 puffs a charge, which means you may not need to charge your pen for days depending on your usage. The device itself usually has about six months to a year until the battery dies completely, which also depends on how frequently you vape.

To keep a battery alive longer, try not to overcharge your pen — although aging will naturally reduce how long the charge lasts. Vape pens should come with USB to micro USB charging cables, like the ones at Cyclone Pods, to ensure easy charging no matter where you are.

Extra hint: Look for a vape pen that automatically turns off when you’re not using it or has an on and off switch. This will allow the battery to last even longer!

Adjustable Airflow
Airflow is super important when using a non nicotine vape pen. Luckily most pens come with a built-in air flow collar that can be twisted to “open” and “close” the air holes. The air holes control how much fresh air goes into the vape.

Making the airflow wider means you’ll get a larger cloud of vapor since it allows more fresh air inside. It will dilute the e-juice, however, so flavors won’t be as powerful. A more narrow airflow won’t allow as much fresh air to mix with the e-juice, so you’ll get a hotter and more flavorful hit. Most people prefer something in the middle, but it’s important you are able to adjust a vape pen to your liking.

When looking for a quality vape pen, make sure you aren’t overpaying in the process. The cost of a vape pen will vary depending on the design, size, battery length, materials, and other features. But don’t let a place fool you into paying extreme amounts of money — especially since it will need to be replaced eventually. Even the top rated non nicotine vape pen brands charge around $15 to $30. In fact, Cyclone Pods’ non nicotine vape pens are just $12.

Purchase your vape pen from a company that cares more about your experience than making a quick buck off a growing trend. Look for a company that keeps costs low while offering high-end features, has responsive customer service, and provides returns if you’re not happy with the product. Everyone has a different experience with vaping and a trustworthy company understands this.

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