Design Ideas Using a Modern Floor Lamp with Shelves

If there’s one piece of furniture that solves a variety of problems and serves as a multi-function piece of decor, it’s a modern floor lamp with shelves.

Slim, sleek modern aesthetics are widely compatible and unassertive, making them perfect for a large range of settings – especially when you help them reach their full potential with some of these unique design ideas to bring out the best in them.

1. Capitalize on Seasonal Opportunities
One of the great things about a modern floor lamp with shelves is that you can adapt the look to fit the seasons.

Hang flags, banners, or buntings from the shelves to reflect the spirit of the passing season without losing any space on the shelf. Around Christmas time, you can festoon the supports of a storage shelf floor lamp with garlands.

The shelves offer plenty of space for decorating with figurines and other seasonal decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July, and through the other seasons of the year!

2. Three-Dimensional Art
Display shelves, though practical for storage, can also be used to showcase art. If you have any sculpture that you need a place to display – front and center – a floor shelf lamp will give you plenty of space.

You can even use them to display decorative candles – just don’t light them!

3. Family Portraiture
Lighting fixtures are natural focal points. You can use them to display your family pride. The shelves make great locations for portraits, school pictures, family pictures of birthdays and holiday get-togethers and so much more.

4. Ideal for Certain Houseplants
Some houseplants can’t be placed in direct sunlight – which makes them generally perfect options for keeping on a storage shelf where they will give life and color to the rest of the room.

Consider a species of orchid that is low maintenance, doesn’t need a lot of care and attention, and can’t handle direct sunlight – place one of these on a display shelf to add more personality to a setting.

Other great indoor plants that would look great on a modern standing lamp with shelves include snake plants, succulents, spider plants, cacti, and pothos – among many others.

5. Show Off Choice Spirits
If you have a bar in the room, you can use the shelves of a floor lamp to display your choice spirits – especially if the bottles are empty. Some people keep the bottles from premier cognac, whisky, and wines and make artistic fixtures out of them.

The shelves give you a prominent, practical location for display that will keep your bar free!

6. Unique Book Storage
If you get a modern floor lamp with shelves – a sturdy one like the ATAMIN Avery Plus (see below) – and you don’t have an overwhelming book collection, you can kill two birds with one stone. You won’t need a bookshelf; just a few bookends instead.

There’s plenty of room on an ATAMIN Avery Plus for plenty of books or magazines and you can store them conveniently, where you need them – while the lamp provides light for reading!

A Modern Floor Lamp with Shelves to Bring It All Together
Looking for a modern floor lamp with shelves to put some of these simple design ideas into practice? Check out the ATAMIN Avery Plus Floor Lamp with Shelves and Included LED.

This 63” modern floor lamp with shelves is easy to assemble and has three shelves, each of which can hold up to 40 pounds.

It also features a warm white, cost-saving, long-lasting LED lamp with a pull chain and is made with physically strong, highly durable engineered wood finished with a non-toxic, long-lasting UV coating.

A picture says a thousand words. Visit or check out the link above to learn more about this unique modern floor lamp that is perfect for mid-century modern kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and more!

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