20 Functions You Didn’t Know Were Baked into Swiss Army Knife Tools

Everyone knows that most Swiss Army Knife tools contain a knife and a pair of scissors. Everyone knows that most Swiss Army Knife tools contain a knife and a pair of scissors. 

What you might not have known is that there are some Swiss Army Knives out there that are basically as wide as they are long. 

That is, some of them are so weighed down with tools that it’s a miracle Victorinox was able to complete the design and hold the whole thing together. 

So, with no further ado, here are 20 functions you didn’t know were built into (some) Swiss Army Knife tools (like the SwissChamp and Spirit Multitool). Each of them is much more than a pocket knife! 

Corkscrew: Got a bottle that’s corked instead of capped? No troubles! What other pocket knife or tool can do the same? 

Reamer, punch, and sewing awl: Busted the stitching on your pack, hat, pants, or boot? It’s not a problem with a Swiss Army Knife equipped with a reamer, punch, and sewing awl. 

Bottle opener: No bottle opener, no problem – with a Swiss Army Knife. 

Can opener: Same goes for a can opener – with a SAK, you’ll have no trouble preparing a quick camp lunch. 

Wire stripper: Need to connect two wires but forgot your electrician’s tool? It’s a good thing you brought your SAK! 

Wire cutters and crimpers: Some wires are tougher to cut than others; crimping can help make a secure connection. A Swiss Army Knife can do both.

Pliers: Get a better grip; ideal for bending and forming wire, removing hooks, and much more. 

Hook disgorger: If the pliers can’t do it for you, a purpose-designed hook disgorger can. 

Fish scaler: Oh, also, if the fish was for dinner, you can prep it for the pan with the dedicated fish scaler tool included in some Swiss Army Knife tools. 

Ruler: Measure twice, cut once. 

Wood saw: Create camp furniture, tools, and much more. 

Nail file: Prevent a hangnail from snagging on your gear. 

Chisel: Some Swiss Army Knife tools come with a scraper as well as a chisel. 

Metal file: Great for removing burrs and sharp edges, or for replacing the dull edge on a knife or ax, in a pinch. It’s not the best solution, but it is a good theoretical illustration of taking “any port in a storm.”

Tweezers: Need to remove a splinter or get a tighter grip on a thread? Worry not – your SAK has a pair of tweezers.

Magnifying glass: Get a better, closer look at that splinter before you remove it. 

Ballpoint pen: Write once, remember forever. What other knife can offer you that? 

Wrench: Make quick adjustments on the fly. 

● Multiple sets of screwdrivers (plus Torx and Hex drivers): Most Swiss Army Knives have at least one flat and one phillips screwdriver. Many others have sets of drivers and bits, including Torx bits, Hex bits, and more.

Pry bar: For when you need to lift a panel or a cover and don’t want to risk using the point of your knife blade (which you’ll also have with a SAK, and it’ll be stainless steel!).

Keep in mind that not all Swiss Army Knife tools have all of these functions, but if you get a Swiss Champ or a Swiss Army Knife Spirit, you’re going to get the majority of these (plus others).

Also, the Victorinox brand produces a wide variety of different knives and multitools, ranging from fixed and folding knives to a variety of multi-tools, as simple as the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Classic. 

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