All About Brioso Cigars

There comes a time for many smokers when the object of desire is to discover cigars that can be purchased in quantity and save, which nevertheless exhibit uncommon quality as well as expert blending and construction.

For many cigar enthusiasts, Brioso cigars check off these prerequisites and satisfy discerning tastes. Here’s what you need to know about this gem among cigar brands.

The Brioso Brand
If you’ve never heard of Brioso cigars, it’s about time that you do. These highlights punch well out of their weight class.

The reason for this is because, despite the unassuming name, Brioso cigars are actually made by the makers of Partagas and Macanudo cigars, two of the tobacco industry’s most distinguished emblems. Though you may not have heard of “Brioso,” we can only assume you’ve heard of – or sampled – a Partagas or Macanudo.

Brioso Cigars are hand-rolled, affordable, premium cigars that offer an exceptional smoke, and are meticulously crafted with premium tobaccos from several different countries.

The idea behind them is to deliver premium cigars and a magnificent smoking experience at a not-so-premium price; and for that, Brioso cigars are beloved by cigar enthusiasts across the industry.

Brioso Cigars: Simplicity, Perfected
There are two different lines of Brioso cigars, each available in two different vitolas, which is good news if you’re looking to sample a new line without breaking the bank. You don’t need to shell out a lot of cash just to get your feet wet trying these new blends.

The Brioso Maduro caps a delectable blend of Mexican, Nicaraguan, and Dominican Republic fillers and Habano binders with a Honduran wrapper. The dark, oily wrapper offers a pleasant finishing touch.

The Brioso Maduro offers a medium-bodied cigar that is rich in complex flavors nonetheless, serving up notes of earth, chocolate, the kick of black pepper, and even a slight sweetness of coffee in the mix throughout the life of the smoke. They pair beautifully with a strong coffee or even a heady brew.

The Brioso Natural features a similar blend of fillers from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Nicaragua as well as Habano binder tobacco, but is completed with an oily, shade-grown Connecticut Habano wrapper.

The Brioso Natural offers a medium-bodied smoke and is fairly mellow, but beautifully balanced nonetheless. Through the life of the smoke, the discerning smoker will enjoy notes of earth and coffee and the spice of cedar, paired with the natural sweetness of tobacco. This is the Brioso to sample if you appreciate a lighter, even smoke.

Both of these Brioso cigars are available in a Gigante as well as a smaller Toro. Both the Brioso Maduro and Natural Gigante cigars are 6×60. The Brioso Maduro Toro is a slightly toned-down 6×50 and the Brioso Natural Toro is a 6×54 – so there’s an option for you, no matter your tastes.

Where Can You Get Brioso Cigar Bundles?
If you’re looking to sample fine tobaccos at reasonable prices and make off with a bunch of them, Brioso Cigars offer an excellent choice.

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