Buy RAW Papers Wholesale to Avoid Missing Out on Potential Sales

If you’re into the roll-your-own scene, you know how frustrating it can be to find a paper that’s either too tough to roll or adds too much flavor. You should be careful when selecting a rolling paper since it may have a major impact on the quality of your smoking experience.

However, it may be difficult to choose a reliable brand when there are so many alternatives to choose from online. If you’re looking for all-natural rolling papers, go no further than RAW.

RAW joined the market for rolling papers a little more than ten years ago, and since then, the company has revolutionized the rolling game by developing the industry’s first totally organic, unbleached, and untreated rolling paper.

What sets RAW Papers apart from the rest?
First things first, let’s get the concept of RAW out of the way. RAW Papers is a manufacturer of rolling papers and pre-rolled cones that has its headquarters in Alcoy, Spain. The company produces a variety of rolling papers and cones.

You won’t find any chalk, colors, or burn enhancers in their unrefined and bleach-free rolling papers. RAW sheets preserve the smoke’s natural qualities for the smoker to enjoy. Rolling papers in their culture are created from plants. That’s right. Don’t panic, it’s RAWrganic! Get it?

The Unparalleled Style of RAW Papers
Since they are made entirely from natural products, RAW Classic papers are a subtle shade of brown. When compared to their Classic counterparts, RAW Organic Hemp Papers are noticeably thinner and paler.

The specific hue of the Organic papers is determined by the kind of hemp used in their production. Although the Classic and Organic sheets are both very thin, the Organic papers are considerably more so; in fact, they are so thin that they are virtually see-through in appearance.

The sheets also include a unique crisscross watermark that sets them apart. The proprietary watermark on RAW tobacco promotes a steady burn with few runs. The gradual burn of both types of paper allows the smoker to relax and enjoy the moment.

Where to Buy RAW Papers Wholesale
There’s no better place to shop for RAW products than at KingdomVapor.Com. They have a long, trusting relationship with the fantastic people at RAW, which allows them to offer their potential customers the best RAW papers wholesale.

In addition to selling RAW papers wholesale, they also have rolling papers and cones from other brands at wholesale pricing. These brands include King Palm, Kush Cones and wraps, Juicy, Lit Culture, Juicy Jays, High Hemp, and more.

RAW is a great brand for your shelves, even if you exclusively sell products made from hemp and CBD. Smoking CBD-rich hemp flowers have become more popular in the holistic health market, and customers are looking for safer alternatives. Ideally, you’ll want to have RAW papers on hand for them.

Due to their widespread success, RAW goods have inspired several knockoffs. To ensure you get genuine RAW products, the RAW team recommends purchasing only from official retailers. Buying from an authorized RAW supplier, like Kingdom Vapor, is the surest method to prevent being duped into purchasing counterfeit RAW papers.

It’s easy to sign up and start shopping right away, and there’s no minimum order size to worry about. Click the above link to go directly to their site and sign up for an account, or call their toll-free customer care number at 1-814-297-8240 with any questions.

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