3 Solid Reasons to Treat Yourself to an Airsoft Mystery Box

Are you looking for something new or cool for your airsoft arsenal, but you’re just not really sure what you want? Can you not justify the purchase of a new AEG or GBB airsoft pistol outright, but you still want some new gear to tinker with? 

Maybe an airsoft mystery box from MiR Tactical is for you. 

It might sound like a crapshoot, but we’re confident once you hear the following arguments, you’ll be ready to roll the dice on one and see what you come up with.

(By the way, if you’re into airsoft you should be shopping online at MiRTactical.com. Hopefully, that name isn’t a “mystery” to you. MiR Tactical offers one of the industry’s widest selections of airsoft guns and gear at guaranteed low prices with a price match guarantee, and they offer excellent support, warranty coverage, and low, sometimes free shipping. Visit their website for more information.)

1. The savings 
First, if you want something new but you don’t know what you want, buying an airsoft mystery box actually makes more sense than buying something random. If it’s ultimately going to be a gamble for you, you might as well gamble on the mystery. 

At least with an airsoft mystery box, you’ll know that what you’re getting is worth more than the sticker price of the box.

No, seriously. Visit MiR Tactical’s website for more information on their airsoft mystery boxes. Each one is guaranteed to contain more value in airsoft guns, gear, and goodness than the sticker price of the box. 

For instance, their Speedy Person Edition of their airsoft mystery box is guaranteed to contain a metal airsoft pistol or revolver and some of them will also come with a VFC G18 with 2 extended magazines – those alone are worth $420. 

The box only costs $249.99. If yours comes with one of these, that’s a savings of over $170 dollars. 

It’s no guarantee that you’ll get a G18 – but what you do get will be worth more than you paid for the box.

2. Some are themed, so you sort of know what you’re going to get 
MiR Tactical’s airsoft mystery boxes are also themed, so if you sort of know what you want, but not exactly, it’s a great way to treat yourself to something new and exciting. 

For instance, if you know you want a new airsoft pistol but you genuinely want the thrill of the surprise, they offer a Pistol Edition – with which a metal pistol or revolver is guaranteed. 

If you’re really looking for a surprise, though, you could go with a true “Rando” Edition that, for $25, will deliver you a minimum of $60 dollars of cool stuff and swag. 

It’ll be the best $25 you ever spent. 

3. The excitement; change things up
Finally, even if you don’t have a legitimate reason to get new airsoft guns or gear, do it for the excitement. There’s a scientific justification for this if you needed one. 

Not only does placing orders online release dopamine – so does the anticipation of waiting for your package. 

By the way, gambling also releases dopamine. 

That’s three hits of dopamine for the price of one. So go ahead, get yourself an airsoft mystery box online from MiR Tactical.

According to science, you’ll love it. 

Don’t Wait: Airsoft Mystery Boxes Are in-Demand and Limited
If you’re thinking about getting yourself an airsoft mystery box from MiR Tactical, don’t think about it for too long. 

There are only so many of them to go around – literally. 

We mean, boxes are actually limited, so these deals won’t last forever. Check out their website today and get in touch with them at 800-581-6620 if you have any questions – and don’t take too long deciding. Get yours before they’re gone! 

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