Choosing the Best Rolling Paper

When it comes to rolling papers, there are a lot of options available. Whether you are rolling cannabis or tobacco, it’s important to keep the quality of your papers in mind. If you are trying to find the best rolling papers, here are just a few things to keep in mind to get the best smoking experience.

When you’re going to roll, the first thing to consider is size. Do you want to roll a big joint or just a little one to burn quickly? Your standard rolling paper size is about 75mm x 35 mm. This is the size typically included with rolling tobacco, making it the standard rolled cigarette size. Rolling papers go all the way up to king sized papers that measure about 110mm x 55mm for rolling large joints.

A lot of brands also offer sizes with larger widths, all the way up to double wide papers. These sizes make it a lot easier to roll with, as there is more width to form the cylinder and tighten up the roll. Ultimately it’s always good to have larger papers like kings on hand, as it’s far easier to cut down a larger paper than it is to combine smaller papers. They’re also a great option for smoke sessions.

One of the biggest factors that smokers love to debate is the material used to make rolling papers. Your generic rolling paper is not all that different from any other paper, they are made from specially treated wood pulp and fine plant fibers from materials like flax. A lot of papers geared towards cannabis smokers, like RAW rolling papers, are made from hemp.

Hemp papers are typically thin and burn slowly, making them a great option for joints. Hemp papers can range from standard thickness to extra thin versions The finest papers will usually be rice rolling papers, which can be seen from brands like Element. These papers are extremely fine, leaving behind virtually no ash. The thinner and finer the paper, the more the flavor of your herb will shine through.

While we’re on the topic of flavors, rolling papers can also be used to add flavor to your joints. While this certainly is not everyone’s go-to option, papers from brands Juicy Js come infused with flavor. You get a nice taste of the flavor when you lick the gum strip, and then the burning paper adds some of that flavor to your smoke. If you enjoy flavored wraps and want to try rolling some joints, these papers are a fun option.

Other Features
In addition to your average rolling papers, some brands have special features that set them apart. If you have been rolling for a while and want to try something different, consider grabbing a pack of Randy’s papers. With a built in thin metal wire, they are easy to roll and they create a built in roach clip that can be bent and held when the joint burns down.

If you want a paper with a really unique look, cellulose papers are a unique option. These papers are clear and almost feel like plastic, but they are made from the same cellulose material that is used in the construction of plant leaves. This material burns slowly and almost seems to melt, but the effect of seeing the smoke travel through the joint is definitely worth experiencing.

Finding the Best Rolling Papers
Once you know what you are looking for, it’s time to pick up some papers. If you are looking to order rolling papers online, Funkypiece has plenty of great options. Smokers in the greater DC area can also visit their shops in person to find all of the best rolling paper options.

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