Complete guide to deploying SSR Vite apps on AWS with automation

Want to learn how to deploy the Server-side rendering(SSR) Vite app on AWS?

In this blog, we will see how to deploy the SSR Vite app on AWS and automate the deployment process. Though this article refers to only the Vite app, it works for almost all SSR apps.

This blog will answer many of your questions. Like…

What is SSR?

How does the SSR app deployment work?

How do you implement SSR for SEO and loading time optimizations?

You will learn how to deploy the SSR app on AWS using the following services.

ECS (Elastic container service)

ECR (Elastic container registry)

ELB (Elastic load balancer)


Github actions to automate deployment

We will create an AWS cloudformation stack, that contains all required resources to deploy the app, and it will be automated by Github actions.

You can read full article here

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