Flutter — 1 Minute guide to Useful Tips and Libraries in 2022

Got a minute?

In this article, we’ll have a quick look at a few most essential libraries and tips that make your day-to-day app development effective and easy.

Here’s a quick summary of the article.

  1. You are developing pure Dart app.
  2. Use get_it for service locator.
  3. Use sqflite for persisting structured data
  4. Use hive for persisting key-value data
  5. Use RxDart for async and stream operations
  6. Test your classes with Unit tests
  7. Use CI/CD to automate development
  8. Use Firebase crashlytics for analytics
  9. Modularize your app by feature
  10. Use logging package for logs
  11. Use Provider for state management
  12. Use flutter_lints for code formatting

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