Marketing & Bookmarks 101: Affordable and Effective

Are you looking for a highly affordable yet effective way to spread brand awareness, passively push members of your target audience towards conversion, and generate loyalty and new sales?

If the answer is yes, you must not have heard of bookmark marketing before. Simple yet effective, bookmark marketing almost seems out of place in the modern era – but it isn’t.

Even in an age where most marketing dollars are spent on social media and digital advertising, there is still a place for marketing bookmarks.

Here’s what you need to know.

Why Use Bookmark Marketing?
According to a recent Gallup poll, the average American has read more than 12 books in the past year.

According to Statista, 72% of adults in the United States read at least one book in the past year.

Another recent poll indicates that fewer than 9% of readers read digital-only books. The remainder consumes either a mix or still prefers print.

These are telling statistics.

Now, to bookmark marketing, and how something as simple as a bookmark can help improve your marketing efforts.

1. Affordability
Marketing in general, and advertising in particular, are both costly. They don’t necessarily have to be. Promotional materials, like marketing bookmarks, can actually be remarkably affordable.

Many custom bookmark printing services also offer tiered bulk discounts for large orders so their customers can save even more. Few other promotional outlets offer such affordability.

2. Permanence, longevity, exposure
A radio ad will be over in a few seconds. Viewers will likely forget what they see on TV or scroll past on their phones – unless it serves truly exceptional promotional copy.

But a bookmark? That can be kept and used for years, and if you print evergreen promotional material, a bookmark can keep advertising for a long time after it’s been printed.

3. The market is huge
Just refer to the statistics listed earlier in this article. If 72% of Americans are active readers (of at least one book per year, that is) that amounts to 237 million people.

4. Spread brand awareness
Naturally, a marketing bookmark can be used to spread awareness about your brand, products, or mission. They can also be used to cultivate loyalty, inform and educate potential customers, and guide them along the sales funnels. For instance, including QR codes on marketing bookmarks can encourage customers to learn more about your products or services.

5. They seem genuine
For better or worse, some consumers see marketing materials as pushy and disregard them. Think about how many times you’ve been handed a business card and stuffed it in your wallet, for it never to see the light of day again. Marketing materials like bookmarks can be given as gifts – but they still offer passive advertising, and they actually serve a functional purpose, especially for active readers.

6. They can be used as calls to action
Bookmarks can be used for more than just spreading brand awareness. They can actually be printed with provocative, encouraging copy that energizes potential customers to take action – either to learn more about your company, get involved, or make purchases.

Tips to Improve Bookmark Marketing
Not all bookmark marketing is created equal. If you want your marketing bookmarks to make the biggest splash, observe some of the following tips.

1. Include them with your other promotional materials. You don’t need to just hand out bookmarks without anything else! If you’re giving out business cards, shirts or other promotional knick-knacks, include a bookmark.

2. Create custom bookmarks with colorful, eye-catching, branded designs. Standardized templates are helpful, but if you really want to catch attention and create a lasting impression, custom is the way to go.

3. Include your mission statement or other unique attributes of your organization. You need to differentiate. Use unique copy and markings. Call attention to what makes your products or service unique from your competitors.

4. Use high-quality bookmarks only. Paper bookmarks are alright, so long as they are printed on high-quality cardstock. Thin, frail bookmarks will not last long. You want your bookmarks to do the selling long after you print them.

Where Can You Get Customizable Marketing Bookmarks?
Ready to learn more about marketing bookmarks and what sorts of custom designs you can create and print?

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Their products are high-quality and affordable – not to mention unique, which is a huge bonus in marketing.

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