Best-Selling Hi-Capa Parts That Make Great Upgrades

Are you the proud owner of a Hi-Capa pistol but wondering how you can make the platform better? 

Stop wondering and start doing with some of these high-quality Hi-Capa parts that can help you take your airsoft game to the next level.

Why Do People Make Airsoft Gun Upgrades?
On the surface, it might seem like people make airsoft upgrades simply to add more bling to their favorite airsoft guns. This is true, some of the time. 

But behind every meaningful upgrade, there is some sort of function. Sure, magwells and slides, and baseplates might look flashy, but they can also decrease the time between reloads, ensure faster, smoother cycling, and improve handling and ergonomics. 

These are the real reasons why people make airsoft upgrades – and the following are some meaningful, practical upgrades you can make to your Hi-Capa pistol. 

1. Airsoft Masterpiece Brass Hop-Up Base 
Replace your stock hop-up base with this durable airsoft upgrade from Airsoft Masterpiece. It features long-lasting, extremely durable, and corrosion-resistant brass construction as well as a steel arm. It’s better suited to tolerate the abuses of short-stroke platforms. 

2. Maple Leaf Decepticons 70-degree Bucking
The Maple Leaf Decepticons 70-degree bucking is ideal for airsoft guns that deliver between 355-460 FPS – or, most airsoft guns, that is. 

These are perfect for basically all GBB pistols, including Hi-Capas, and are designed to be used with a Maple Leaf Omega Tensioner. 

Durable and long-lasting, these buckings are made from flexible silicone that is perfect for use in cold weather, so if you live way up there or do a lot of your airsofting in the winter, these buckings are perfect for you.

3. Airsoft Masterpiece Limcat Speedcat “Standard” Slide for Hi-Capa 5.1 1911
The Limcat “Speedcat” Hi-Capa slide is the epitome of a Hi-Capa upgrade that increases pop-factor and performance. 

First, these slides add a lot of color to an airsoft pistol. They’re also lightweight and precision engineered with a specific cutout pattern – both of which features enable faster, more fluid cycling. 

4. COWCOW RS1 Recoil Spring
The COWCOW RS1 is made of high-strength steel (plated to resist corrosion) with two different tensioned coil zones that improve efficiency and speed of cycling. Stronger springs make snappier, surer-cycling pistols. If that’s what you’re after, this spring delivers.

5. COWCOW Recoil Buffer Modules 
COWCOW Competiton Recoil Buffer Modules are made from an anti-oil rubber material that resists swelling and breaking and which provides excellent cushioning, even during periods of heavy use. These buffer modules are excellent shock absorbers that help prevent damage arising from contact between a Hi-Capa’s slide and frame. Four hardness levels are available.

6. Maple Leaf Crazy Jet 6.04mm Inner Barrels 
Tight-bore barrels like the Maple Leaf Crazy Jet improve accuracy and performance. These tight-bore barrels are designed to create a cushion of air around the BB as it leaves the barrel creating greater accuracy and potentially extending range. 
Another great thing about these barrels is that they’re made from brass alloy, which is long-lasting and resists corrosion. 

7. Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa Feed Lips 
Made of high-density plastic for durability, these Hi-Capa feed lips are a direct replacement for Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa mags. Perfect for replacing worn or damaged feed lips that can hinder feeding and cause jams.

Where Can I Get These Hi-Capa Parts and Others to Make Airsoft Gun Upgrades?
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