How To Promote Your Online Store with the best Shopify SEO Services

So you’ve finally brought your business online, what’s next? Somehow, in the last 2 years, everyone has thought of eCommerce as the end all be all of bringing success to their newly established online shops. So, how do you go about promoting your online shop?

Whether you’re a purely online business or currently launching digital channels to become more accessible to your customer, you have to promote your newly minted online store. Search Engine Optimization or SEO has always been at the forefront of marketing strategy options out there. Shopify is the biggest eCommerce platform as of late. That has made it a prime option for all business owners. Understanding how SEO works with the platform will surely benefit your company. Understanding the Best Shopify SEO services will guide you in determining which method will serve your goals and audience best.

What is SEO?
Think of it as being where your market is looking for your products or services. Yes, that’s Google. More often than not, prospective clients who aren’t aware they need your services will search for related topics that will make them aware of your offerings. Search Engine Optimization makes sure you pop up in search results of users that you can directly serve.

Imagine being at the top of search results on Google when people search for products and services under your industry- you get traffic from existing customers and an audience you probably haven’t actively targeted yet. Yes, you get insights into who these people are as well.

Now, let’s get into the best Shopify SEO services you can get for your shop.

On-Page SEO
On-page SEO deals with optimizing content that lives on your website. Yes, even your Shopify store. Now, why should you even bother having a blog section on your website? Adding space or section to talk about your products and services easily gives you plus points and more opportunities for Google to crawl your website for relevant keywords.

This also means you have to carefully choose your keywords so you have a roster to build your blogs on. You can focus on your products and services, location-specific keywords, or product-centric keywords paired with location tags.

Off-Page SEO
This deals with all SEO content that lives outside of your website. These are pieces that talk about relevant topics that would interest or intersect with your services. Users will usually find your website linked as a reference or sample as a solution for a problem being elaborated on.

In this scenario, your products and services will be referenced. This allows your brand to be perceived by an outsider. In a sense, this also boosts your company’s credibility giving Google more reasons to bump you up higher on the search results page.

Technical SEO
Technical SEO focuses on how ready your website is for optimization. Is it set up in a manner that will let Google recognize all the content it houses? This makes sure your platform meets all the technical requirements for the search engine to successfully recommend your website as a relevant search result for the keyword they’re looking up.

The best Shopify SEO services can help business owners meet these requirements by making sure information is structured appropriately on each landing page, these pages load quickly, all linked pages on the website are working properly, and it’s secure for people to navigate. These are only the basics, but you get the gist.

Content SEO
Everything on your website that isn’t text can also be optimized. This can be images or videos and even the pages the content lives on. When everything is tagged accordingly, you allow them to be searchable! That means you can appear on web search results, images, location, and more.

Look into meta tagging and make sure you don’t skip asking about it when looking for the best Shopify SEO services for your shop.

The key to promoting your shop lies in how searchable it is. With more people turning to online solutions for their needs, being present where users are looking for your services is a key factor in driving site traffic and sales. Keep these SEO services in mind when you finally decide to implement the strategy on your website!

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