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In 2020 and so far in 2021, the cases of Covid 19 have been on a progressive increase, which means that public health is facing collapse and many families have raised and raise the need to take out private health insurance.

With the successive waves and now in this third one, the public health facilities and personnel cannot cope with the number of patients. In an effort to save lives, health personnel are sometimes forced to prioritize the care of the most seriously ill patients or those with the greatest chance of survival, sending many patients to undergo treatment at home, and in view of this, many families they felt the need to hire health services to guarantee the safety of their members.

There are different types of deductible insurance in Spain, and there is even the possibility of contracting death insurance, which, anticipating the worst of the pandemic, has also become quite popular.

For many it is not a long-term decision, but a way to prevent the problems caused during the pandemic.

The coverage offered by public health in general is not what many prefer, so they tend to complement it with private health , which is why in Spain there are a large number of people with this type of insurance who could already feel the peace of mind that this provides, since the beginning of the pandemic.

For those who want to be part of this statistic, health insurance opinions have been of vital importance to know where it is worth investing your money, and not to be surprised by misleading insurance coverage that does not usually help too much. If you are part of the group that has considered this possibility, more than just online opinions, it is necessary to take into account that insurance does not guarantee better prognosis in case of contagion, however, it can favor the economy of families, and improve the care that the patient receives, to some extent.

The most outstanding detail or that should be consulted is how the insurer works in relation to Covid-19. Many insurers, perhaps as a way to insure their capital, include regulations where insurance coverage does not cover pandemics and epidemics, and if you already have insurance with these regulations, it will not be of any use in that particular case. Insurance itself has the advantage of offering medical care and hospitalization, so in the face of any emergency during crowds in hospitals due to coronavirus cases, it can be of great benefit.

But not all insurance is the same , so it is worth reading the fine print when hiring one, whether during the pandemic or outside of it. Many have coverage for specific pathologies, others guarantee reimbursement for hospital expenses and others exclude specific events from their coverage. It is important to highlight that waiting times for analyzes and consultations can be much shorter in private health , and hospital care more comfortable, but with this we are addressing the generic advantages that medical insurance can have, but in the case of Covid -19, as we mentioned before, there are certain special conditions applied by insurance.

Depending on the insurer, these can cover different elements related to the coronavirus, but without a doubt, they do not fully cover what is related to this pathology. They can cover initial evaluation and diagnostic analysis, such as PCR, but after that they send the cases to the public sector to be treated, especially when it comes to patients who require hospitalization or intensive care. The most common medical insurances do not usually cover treatment for diseases such as the coronavirus (associated with a pandemic), but it is true that due to its development, they have granted certain issues, such as requested analyzes and studies.

After so many months experiencing this situation, many still wonder whether or not it is worth hiring an insurance company, but the truth is that the specific conditions of each case will tell whether or not it is a good idea, as well as the type of insurance that hire. If your intention is to have support in a case of covid-19, it is necessary to verify in great detail what the policy intends to cover , on the other hand, if you want to have the option of private medical care to avoid hospitals overwhelmed by coronavirus cases , it can be a good investment.

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