Fundraising Bookmarks, T-Shirts, and Other Giveaways: How to Promote Awareness for a Cause Affordably and Effectively

An effective fundraiser will not only raise money for a cause, but it will also spread awareness of an issue, and when properly executed, will continue to motivate participants to do the best they can to help fight some of the issues the world is facing, long after the event.

Many event organizers and administrators make it common practice to give away gifts and goods during their fundraiser events, both as a way to say thank you to the charitable individuals that contributed to their causes, as well as a way to continue promoting their organization.

If you’re involved in fundraising or branding and you need to come up with some unique goods for giveaways to spread awareness about an issue that will continue working even after the fundraiser has ended, here are our best suggestions – from backpacks to fundraising bookmarks.

1. T-shirts
T-shirt printing services are usually fairly affordable, and the great thing about t-shirts is that they’re usable, practical giveaways that serve a purpose. Seriously, who doesn’t wear t-shirts?

Also, branded t-shirts offer a lot of visibility for a cause – they’re high on this list because they’re front and center for anyone around to see.

2. Totes
Totes are a close second to t-shirts, and can probably be printed for a similar price, depending on who you go with.

Totes also can be made very affordably, depending on the material from which you choose to make them. Recycled plastic fiber, cotton, and linen totes are all usually pretty cheap.

And, despite the fact that they’re not as “visible” as t-shirts, they’re likely to get used – especially as more and more people ditch single-use plastic bags!

3. Fundraising Bookmarks
Fundraising bookmarks offer incredible value as fundraiser giveaways, for a few specific reasons. One, they can easily be customized, and two, there are millions of people around the country that read books every year, which makes them practical.

But there’s a better reason. In terms of expense, fundraising bookmarks are among the most per-unit affordable fundraiser giveaways out there, and providers like sell a wide range of customizable bookmarks, offering a variety of themes, finishes, and much more.

4. Cups, Travel Mugs, and the Like
Approximately 150 million Americans sip a cup of morning joe to start their days. That’s nearly half the country.

That means if you give away branded mugs or cups at your fundraisers, you have a pretty solid daily chance of your cause making an appearance every morning. That creates a recency effect and spreads awareness.

5. Pens
Pens are affordable, useful, and present in every office, school, institution, and job site in America. Giving away pens at a fundraising event will spread awareness for a cause and offers attendees something they can actually use instead of tossing them at the nearest opportunity.

6. Backpacks
Backpacks are probably the most expensive item on this list, but a high-quality backpack will last as long if not longer than anything else mentioned here, and also has a lot of utility.

Students, professionals, outdoorsmen, hobbyists – they all use backpacks, so giving away branded backpacks is a great way to spread your word about things that matter.

7. Buttons and Stickers (try Chip Clips from!)
Last but not least are buttons and stickers, which are commonplace at all different sorts of rallies, trade shows, and of course, fundraising events.

To be fair, a lot of buttons and stickers probably never get used. However, they are extremely affordable, and when users do display them, they function as walking billboards.

So, for the low expense, it’s worth taking a risk. Always have a few buttons or stickers to hand out at your fundraising events.

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