How Geomatics Services Are Transforming Real Estate

Geomatics services have been able to transform the real estate industry. Moving on from when people used to rely on what they were being told by their real estate agents, geomatics services have been able to provide the right information to homeowners and buyers.

This has reduced the reliance on traditional sources such as real estate agents. With the help of geomatics services and Geographic Information Systems, data can now be analysed and visualised easily.

Let us find out how geomatics has been able to transofrm the real estate industry through its functionalities.

1. Data About a Land’s Sales
If the area in which the land is to be chosen is narrowed down, it becomes quite easier to scrape information about the same, such as how much it costs etc.

With the help of GIS, users can filter out the best properties based on their parameters, and find areas based on the land data. Moreover, while searching with the help of land data, the users can narrow down their search further by using filters like zip code, average prices and acreage.

This makes the job of a real estate agent easier as well since most of the customers’ questions are answered by the available data.

2. Effective and Clear Communication
While the digital revolution gave us the internet and made communication between real estate agent and their customers easier, geomatics has taken it a step further. With the help of geomatics, the agents can send a more effective map of the space and customers can pinpoint the areas they are interested in or want to go further with.

3. Mobile Mapping
Real estate agents are supposed to be on the move most of the time. This is where GIS comes in handy and provides mobile mapping services. Many geomatics services app come with a mobile app, making it possible to carry map survey data with them. 

4. Mapping
Geomatics Services work solely on the basis of the data they collect during surveys. Hence, based on the database, geomatics is able to present the data in visual maps. This makes the overall data points more versatile to use.

5. Planning and Community Development
With the help of GIS, real estate can be planned in a better manner leading to healthier communities, with spaces for the right amenities for the citizens.

Moreover, redevelopment plans can be further streamlined with the help of historical data.

Geomatics Services in Real Estate
The use of technology has evolved the way geomatics is being used across various industries. One such industry is- real estate. The real estate industry has been able to benefit from the versatile applications that geomatics and geographic information systems provide to real estate agents and customers alike.

One major example of such an application is the generation of real property reports on the basis of geomatics surveys conducted on a parcel of land.

At Core Geomatics, the team conducts regular land and residential surveys to curate real property reports and survey maps. With the help of the latest technology and an experienced team at the helm of things, the result is an accurate report of the property in question.

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