6 Things to Evaluate in a Skid Steer Mulcher for Sale

No two skid steer mulchers for sale are alike. Some are built to last and others are simply “good enough.”No two skid steer mulchers for sale are alike. Some are built to last and others are simply “good enough.”

Go with a skid steer mulcher that falls in the former camp, and to be sure you’re getting a quality model, look for one with the following traits. 

1. A wide cutting disk with heat-treated teeth
The wider and thicker the cutting disk, the tougher it will be and the more capable it will be of taking down large, thick, coarse, woody debris. 

Also, all else being equal, look for heat-treated teeth. Heat-treated steel is harder, cuts more efficiently, is more wear-resistant, and is longer-lasting.

The cutting teeth on Spartan Equipment’s disk mulchers are heat-treated and concave, four-point quad teeth. 

2. A thick deck with reinforced sides
The deck not only supports the cutting disk, but it also protects the operator and the skid steer from damage that can be caused by flying debris. Power and cutting efficiency together are one thing, but a sturdy design that can keep up with its own pace is another, and equally important as far as safety is concerned. 

Spartan Equipment’s disk mulchers’ decks are made with thick plate steel and reinforced sides that are, in a word, tougher and more resilient. 

3. A design that helps prevent debris from being thrown back at the operator
No mulcher is perfect, but Spartan Equipment’s disk mulchers come close. Their disk mulcher design is complete with downturned, reinforced sides that help serve as shields, directing debris and helping to protect the operator and the equipment behind the mulcher. 

4. High-flow and a powerful motor 
High-flow hydraulic attachments are efficient and powerful. Spartan Equipment’s skid steer mulchers for sale (the disk mulchers) are available in 20 to 50 GPM configurations and are driven by high-torque piston motors for extra power. 

5. One that works with your skid steer, whether or not it has a case drain
Many mulcher attachments require case drains. Some of Spartan Equipment’s do not. If your skid steer doesn’t have a third line, you should choose a skid steer mulcher that doesn’t require a case drain. 

6. One size does not fit all 
Finally, it’s important to recognize that no two jobs require the same exact grit to beat them. Spartan Equipment realizes that and never adopts a take-it-or-leave-it approach. 

They sell a wide range of skid steer mulcher attachments in a variety of sizes, from 52 to 82 inches wide – so you can match the attachment to the rigors of the landscape, literally.

Visit Spartan Equipment to Learn More About Their Skid Steer Mulchers for Sale 
Interested in learning more about what makes a Spartan Equipment skid steer attachment the toughest that money can buy?

There’s more than one reason their motto is “Never Surrender,” and you can find all of them on their website, SpartanEquipment.com. In addition to the disk skid steer mulchers for sale mentioned here, they also sell drum mulcher attachments. Take a look through their online catalog and get in touch with them at 1-888-888-1085 if you need more information.

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