How to Enjoy Quorum Cigars During the Warm Summer Months

We’ve made it through another long, chilly, and snowy season, and it’s time to celebrate by donning our shorts, grabbing a cold drink, and smoking some Quorum Cigars.

It’s not very common to think of relaxing with a fine Quorum cigar as the afternoon heat of summer sets in and the temperature continues to rise. These cigars are great anytime of day, from a warm day to a nice, cool summer night. In order to avoid having to store the cigar box until the end of the summer, we are here to offer some advice on how to keep things cool this season.

Why Quorum Cigars
The J.C. Newman Cigar Company is the one responsible for the production of Quorum Cigars. Each cigar is hand made from a blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos and Ecuadorian wrappers such as Maduro, Shade, and Classic. These cigars are great for both experienced smokers and novices because of their flavorful, mild-to-full body strength profile.

Pair it with your favorite beverage.
Drink pairings with Quorum Cigars can either amplify the cigars’ natural flavors or help you discover previously undetected nuances, like uncovering hidden treasure. However, if you choose the wrong cigar and beverage, the quality of both will likely suffer.

Accordingly, if you want to pair the quality of a cigar with your chosen drink, you should give equal consideration to both of these indulgences. Below are the three famous Quorum blends and the perfect drink you shall pair with each.

Cigar and Rum
The Sumatra Sungrown wrapper that is used for the Quorum Maduro is very luxurious. The Maduro’s exposure to the sun gives it a rich, spicy, and sweet flavor. It has a moderately rich flavor with hints of dark chocolate. A fine glass of aged cognac or rum would complement this cigar perfectly.

Cigar and Wine
A sweet wine is the ideal complement to a cigar because the cigar’s smoke is what disperses the aroma and nicotine leaves a bitter aftertaste. The Quorum Classic Robusto, with its smooth to medium body, rich aroma, and nutty flavor, is sure to please. Port wine is the ideal complement to create the ultimate smoking experience.

Cigar and Beer
When temperatures soar, a cold beer is the perfect complement to a Quorum Shade. Tobacco and beer pairing follows the same guidelines as wine pairing, so a light beer is a good choice to enjoy with a mild cigar. And because of its medium body and mellow notes of buttered toast, white pepper, and cream, Quorum Shade pairs well with lighter beers like pilsners and light ales.

Pairing Cigars with Food
The worst thing you can do is ruin the taste of your cigar or meal by adding too much of something else. A cigar with a slower burn rate is preferable for serving with lighter or juicier dishes like chicken, fish, or pasta so that the smoke doesn’t overpower the flavors of the food. The slow burn and high concentration of flavors in a torpedo cigar like the Quorum Torpedo make it an ideal pairing with these meals.

Which online store can I purchase Quorum Cigars?
Unfortunately, not everyone lives near a prestigious cigar shop. Thus, the Internet is the most convenient option. Buying cigars online is also usually the most affordable choice. Don’t be shy about turning to online retailers; they have plenty of stock, a wide variety of options.

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