Tips for Buying a Custom Knife

Custom knives are perfect for displaying, collecting, and – of course – cutting some meat. But how do you pick the perfect custom knife to add to your collection when searching for custom knives for sale. Here is how to pick the right knife for you.

The Fit and Finish
So, first of all, the quality! You want to find a knife that’s tight and clean, meaning very little errors. This means avoid gaps on the handle and look for a tight fit between the guard slot and ricasso. You should also avoid knives that are uneven. The finish on the blade, handle, and fittings should be uniform and consistent. And, of course, no scratches! Check under the spine and the low points of the finger grooves as well as the blade itself.

The Grind
No surprise here, but the main bevel grind is quite important. You don’t want to see any dips, bobbles, or bumpy spots. It should be completely flat if it’s a flat grind and even if it’s a hollow grind. Check how wide the sharpening bevel is – if it’s wide, the grind may be too thick and if it’s narrow, the knife may fail if the edge is thin.

The Size
When looking at custom knives for sale, you need to keep the size in mind. If you’re buying a knife online, make sure the website mentions the dimensions. Then compare it to your other knives. Which one feels the best in your hand? Find one that’s the same size – or at least around that size.

The Sharpness
A dull knife? No way.

Quality Materials
The type of steel used for the blade really matters. The usual options are carbon steel and stainless steel. Pick the type of blade you can afford and the one that suits your specific needs. Some people are fine with low-grade stainless steel while people looking for top-of-the-line knives should check for a marked blade, indicating the type of steel used.

Avoid Trends
Okay, so now that you know how to find a quality knife, it’s time to see if it’s worth adding to your collection. Don’t go after a knife just because it’s trendy that season. These trendy knives will not be worth as much come next year, making it a poor investment. If you’re looking to be a bit cost-effective, you probably want to avoid these over-the-top purchases although you can totally grab whatever makes you excited if you don’t mind the price going down in the future.

Pick the Right Custom Knife Maker
When looking for custom knives for sale, the company selling the knife is most definitely something to take into consideration. Look for a knife company that is knowledgeable about knives but also has a passion for the industry.

The Knife Connection has a large collection of custom knives for sale that are built by artisans with the intention of it being passed down for generations. Started in 2008, Knife Connection started as a small family business ran out of a basement. It’s now one of the largest online knife sellers out there although the passion hasn’t changed.

The Knife Connection has competitive pricing for collectors and even free shipping (that’s very fast). Their customer service is personalized and genuine, with a true desire to please knife collectors and customers everywhere.

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