Four Things You Don’t Want to Forget to Match to Your Reversible Fox Fur Coat [and How to Pull It Off!]

A reversible fox fur coat throws a modern slant onto a proven classic. Few other luxuries are as opulent as genuine fur and a reversible coat gives you two more advantages: one, you get two looks for the price of one, and two, when the weather turns sour you can switch the coat around to protect the fur under the other layer.

Given this, it wouldn’t be surprising if your reversible jacket quickly became one of your favorite garments in your repertoire.

So do it some justice with these four top tips for styling with a reversible fox fur jacket that, with a little care and attention, will really make your outfit pop.

Match the Hardware on Your Purse to the Highlights in the Coat
One of the unique features of fox fur is the length of the guard hairs and the thickness of the pile of the undercoat. Whereas many other types of fur, such as mink and chinchilla are (though very dense) fairly short, fox fur is luxuriously long and flashy.

Fox fur also tends to have white, silver, yellow or golden highlights, depending on the breed of fox and the pattern of the coat.

This gives you a golden opportunity (or perhaps a silver one) to match them with the natural highlights on your purse and other accessories: the hardware.

If you have a clutch, purse, or even boots with golden or silver hardware, match that to the highlights in your coat – you’ll love the effect.

The Same Goes for Jewelry and Other Accessories
The effect mentioned above gives you a grand opportunity to match the aesthetic of your coat to any jewelry you include with the outfit if you choose to do so.

Wearing a set of earrings or a bright necklace? Match the precious metal or the color of the gems in the repertoire with the highlights in the coat for an unforgettable effect.

Matching a Fur Hat? Match the Trim
Fox fur, being as gaudy and announcing as it is, has traits that make it uniquely suited to aligning with other fur garments.

For instance, if you plan on wearing a fur hat with your coat, you don’t need to match the furs themselves, necessarily – but fox fur will take very kindly to pairing with another hat’s fur trim in a similar color or shade or simply with similar highlights.

Matching Mirrored Shades
One more final observation. If you plan to wear sunglasses with your jacket, consider getting a pair of mirrored shades in either silver or gold. Match the mirror tone of the lenses to the highlights in your fox fur jacket – you’ll love the look.

I Love the Idea but Don’t Have a Reversible Fox Fur Coat!
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