Roles and Responsibilities of an AWS Certified Solutions Professional

In context with corporate cloud computing needs, AWS, i.e., Amazon Web Services is creating new horizons. With the growing scope of cloud solutions, the demand for AWS certified professionals is growing quickly.

Many companies and enterprises are making the biggest leap to digital transformation by moving their internal services to cloud architecture. AWS assists in certifying professionals with a specific set of skills and knowledge in order to process cloud architecture solutions. These professionals are termed AWS certified solutions professionals and can obtain entry-level positions that help them to pace up their career ladder.

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Who is an AWS certified solutions professional?

An AWS Certified Solutions Professional or architect is responsible for designing, building, deploying, and maintaining business applications and critical infrastructure within the AWS cloud. These professionals are said to possess the skills and expertise that help them with designing and building advanced cloud-based solutions and migrating their existing workload to the cloud.

An AWS certified solutions professional’s roles and responsibilities

Well, as stated above, these professionals take an active part in the designing, building, deployment, and maintenance of the business applications and required infrastructure. Apart from this, the roles and responsibilities of such professionals are:

  • Designing, building, and maintaining a cost-efficient and stable cloud environment as per the organization’s needs.
  • Having a deep understanding of the company’s business objectives and working on creating cloud-based solutions pertaining to those objectives. 
  • Handling the digital transformation of the business to the cloud. 
  • Maintain the security of the cloud environments and prevent downtime for security breaches. 
  • Analyzing and determining the risk involved in handling third-party platforms or frameworks. 
  • Checking out the ways that help in improving the operations used to digitalize common tasks. 
  • Designing, developing, and maintaining an organization’s internal cloud applications
  • Handling the data transfer and internal processes towards the cloud architecture. 
  • Managing data leakage and keeping downtime to a minimum
  • Initializing the best practices related to cloud computing. 
  • Making necessary improvements to the cloud infrastructure of the company. 
  • Handling the communication part with the internal teams 
  • Managing communication with the stakeholders and building the applications to meet the project deadlines and needs. 
  • Managing the organization’s hardware and software recommendations in accordance with their project requirements

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Skills of an AWS Certified Solutions Professional

An AWS Certified Solutions Professional must have the following skills:

Flexibility to learn: For solution professionals, every project brings something new. Also, with the changing technology every day, these professionals must have the aptitude to learn something new every day. Their flexibility and desire to learn make them achieve excellence in what they do.

Time Management: The projects in the IT world are time sensitive, i.e., whatever time schedule is fixed for a project, it should be done within it. Thus, a solutions professional must work within the given time frame.

Communication skills: An AWS solutions professional need to communicate with the team members and also to the stakeholder regarding their project requirement. Thus, having communication skills at par is the utmost requirement here.

One should accustom himself with the above mentioned skills along with the technical skills to turn into an AWS certified solutions professional.

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