The 2022 Toyota Camry has sold out of its quota this year: sales are better than expected!

The Toyota Camry 2022 was launched in February this year and although the price has gone up slightly, the upgraded engine specification and equipment have made the car a good market performer. The Camry is almost identical to the Thai version in terms of appearance, as it is imported from there. The front and rear bumpers of the Camry have been changed to a different design, making the car look more elegant than before, but there are only minor differences from the previous model.

The interior is a significant improvement over the previous model, the visible difference being that the touchscreen console that used to fit in the center console is now a freestanding design, and has been upgraded from 8″ to 9″. For your convenience.

To make it more suitable for rear-seat buyers, the Camry has been upgraded in the rear seats, including electrically adjustable seat backs and a touch panel when you pull down the centre armrest, where you can control the recline of the seat backs, the volume level, the temperature of the air conditioning and the airflow, etc. There is even a boss button in the front passenger seat to control the seats. Full of comfort!

Toyota Safety Sense is also the focus of this upgrade, with the addition of active cruise control with the Stop & Go function and the ability to dodge emergencies, making the advanced active safety equipment extremely powerful! Other features such as automatic emergency braking, automatic high and low beam adjustment, lane shift warning and assistance are also included.

In addition, the original manufacturer also said that although there is no difference in the bodywork, the sound insulation has been enhanced so that the new car has a stronger NVH performance!

As for the engine, the original Camry XV70 was powered by a 2AR-FE natural gas engine with 184 PS and 235 Nm of peak torque, mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission, while the new Dynamic Force Engine has been replaced with a new model with 209 PS and 253 Nm of peak torque. The transmission has been upgraded from a 6-speed to an 8-speed, an engine configuration that our market has been waiting for!

According to the salesman we spoke to, the car is imported from Thailand, so there is an annual import quota, and naturally this time the Camry is no different. If you order now, the earliest you’ll get your new car is 2023, but I’m sure the factory will try to increase the quota in this case, as they did with the last Toyota Harrier when it was a hot seller! So if you want to buy one, just be patient!

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