Elon Musk declares Tesla Model Y to be the world’s hottest-selling car

Tesla’s share price has recently hit an all-time high and its market value has overtaken the national car TOYOTA for the first time. Why do so many Tesla owners become “fans”? And why are electric cars from traditional car manufacturers not so popular though Harga Mobil Tesla is expensive?

Inside the Tesla, you will only see the steering wheel and a large touch screen, not many physical buttons.

5G-phone applications

All Tesla vehicles have a large touch screen to control and display information. (Image source: Tesla)

The Tesla App allows you to check the vehicle’s power status at any time and notifies you when charging is complete. It also allows you to unlock the vehicle keyless, control the thermostat, find out the current battery range and check the current GPS location so you don’t forget where you parked the car. Tesla vehicles can also be updated online via OTA using Wi-Fi to add or enhance existing features. The design is a complete reversal of the traditional fuel car in-car system design concept.

Leading the way in self-driving technology
At present, due to regulatory and technical constraints, the name ‘assisted’ does not mean that the car can drive itself on the road, but rather that it can reduce the fatigue of driving long distances on closed roads such as motorways and motorways.

Tesla models have eight surround-sound cameras, 12 ultrasound sensors and a high-speed computer that automatically detects vehicles and obstacles in the current road conditions when using Autopilot. In the future, when regulations are passed and Autopilot technology becomes more mature, Tesla models will be able to achieve the ideal of fully autonomous driving through OTA software updates.

Most of the new fuel cars now have full-speed ACC and LTA lane keeping, which means that they have an auto-follow function that detects the distance of the car in front of you, brakes and accelerates automatically, and can also follow the car to a stop and keep it in the middle of the lane automatically when driving. In addition, the camera detection lens on some fuel vehicles is not as comprehensive as on Tesla vehicles, so it is easier to use automatic assisted driving on some roads because the road markings are not clearly recognisable due to weather and light factors, and therefore the function is temporarily disabled.

Charging stations are built with more care
Because of the need to improve air pollution and reduce global warming, countries around the world are announcing bans on the sale of fuel-powered vehicles, with some countries starting to implement them as early as around 2025. Tesla has been very proactive in planning and adding new charging stations. Supercharging stations usually provide enough power within an hour, and in the future will introduce a new generation of supercharging technology that can provide a range of 150 kilometres, even if it only takes five minutes to charge. If living conditions permit, it is also possible to install a charging stand in the car park of your home, so that you can recharge whenever you get home, significantly reducing mileage anxiety.

From a sales perspective, Tesla’s Model Y has been a real success as a crossover electric car, and its sales have given the company a lot of confidence, with Elon Musk declaring at its annual general meeting earlier that demand for the Model Y will be around twice that of the Model 3, and that if Tesla ramps up production at its Texas and Berlin superplants, the Model Y will be the world’s hottest car by 2023. If Tesla ramps up production at its Texas and Berlin superplants, the Model Y will be the world’s hottest-selling car by 2023.

There seems to be some credence in this, as the current number one seller is the Toyota Corolla, which sold 1,150,000 cars in 2021 alone, beating the 936,222 sold by Tesla across its entire range. However, Tesla’s growth has always been spectacular, and this is certainly reflected in Elon Musk’s price tag, with Tesla expected to sell over 1.3 million vehicles by 2022.

This figure is based on the combined sales of the Model 3 and Model Y announced by Tesla, and the official confirmation that the Berlin superfactory will focus all of its production capacity on the Model Y. This means that deliveries in Europe will accelerate significantly and that by the end of the year Tesla will be able to produce 1 million Model Y’s per year.

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