legitimate ways to make money online

As long as you have an internet connection, you can legitimately understand how to make money online from anywhere in the world.

Instead of tracking Facebook, stalking your ex on Instagram, or determining which Hogwarts house you belong to via a BuzzFeed quiz, we help you do something much more productive with your time.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom with sleeping babies, a college student between classes, or someone with just a part-time job, even the smallest window of opportunity will allow you to make money online.

For starters, our team scoured the web, consulted with other hustle experts, racked our brains, and compiled the most epic list of money-making ideas for you to try, starting today.

Collect some quick wins

Low effort, low commitment and no investment. The ideas in this section are all about quick and easy ways to make money online (and better yet, you can try them all for free).

Participate in market research

Market research companies love to collect data on consumer trends and consumption habits so that top brands can learn how to better market their products.

This survey is often conducted through online questionnaires and I am always on the lookout for new survey participants.

If you’ve ever spent any time    doing paid online surveys   , you know that you can make money online every month while sitting at home in your pajamas. You won’t get rich, but a few minutes a day usually equals a few dollars, and a few dollars a day is enough to cover a bill by the end of the month.

Other survey sites to check:

  • Junkie Survey   – Up to $45 per survey.
  • Vindale Research   – $1 sign-up bonus.

If you want detailed information about survey sites before you start, you can read more about them in their respective DollarSprout reviews.

Enjoy gig apps

Inaction is often the by-product of not keeping it simple. In short, stop looking for a weird way to make money and start with   something   .

An easy way to do just that is to take advantage   of apps to make money   . The best reputable online earning sites like Lyft and Postmates are just two of the many shows where all you need is a smartphone and a vehicle to get started. These companies connect people who want to earn extra money with consumers who need their services.

If anyone needs a ride somewhere, give Lyft a ride.

If someone can’t go shopping, pick up the food and deliver it through   Postmates.

No tiresome job search. No interview. All it takes is an application and a background check and in a few days you’ll have a new side activity.

How to get started with Postmates:

First,   start by downloading the Postmates app   and following the setup instructions.

Once accepted into the fleet of drivers, Postmates will send you a free delivery package and prepaid card to get you started.

Postmates Requirements   :

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Motor vehicles used for delivery must be properly insured.
    • You can deliver by car, truck, van, motorcycle, scooter, bicycle or even on foot.
  • You must agree and pass a background check.
  • An Android or iOS device capable of running the app.

Then check out this short video by Jon from The Rideshare Guy. He does a great job explaining the ins and outs of the app and shares some tips on how to make money online with Postmates’ rising prices feature.

Be strategic about the number of orders you receive and the delivery location. Subtle changes in delivery routines can increase or decrease predicted hourly earnings.

Strategies that can increase hourly earnings include:

  1. Stack multiple deliveries in a one-hour period.
  2. Track high ROI areas in your city.
  3. Taking advantage of blitz prices and high order times.
  4. Be customizable and deliver order receipts in person (increasing the likelihood of receiving a tip).

* Postmates is available in many cities, but not all. Check the Postmates homepage to see available cities near you. 

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