What are the essential skills needed for a React JS developer ?

The Essential skills needed for a React JS developer

A company that is aiming to boost its online presence often looks for someone who is well-known for handling front-end development. Usually, the tech people apply the React JS library as the most popular client-side programming language to handle the coding part, UX sensibility, and management with the tech and design teams. Every company looks for a professional who is able to work seamlessly on React JS. React JS course in gurgaon

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If you want to enter into the world of development, learning React JS will give your career a good hike. It’s just that you will go through the ultimate front-end developer’s library to become one. To turn into a React JS developer, one should work on certain important skills. These skills are mostly technical and, when combined, give your career a hunger that can only be satiated with leveled-up skills.

Developer Requirements

Here is the stack that carries some of the essential skills for React developers.

HTML and CSS: HTML and CSS are familiar to any React developer

. This will help the developers in crafting user interfaces that will help the company. A React developer should be able to do the following:

  • Working and writing those semantic HTML tags
  • Working and writing CSS selectors
  • Implement a CSS reset.
  • Reset border box
  • Understand Flexbox
  • Use media queries to work on and implement responsive web principles.

JSX: This is the syntax extension that looks much like HTML but is usually taken as HTML flavored JavaScript. While working on React, you will not get to work much on HTML. It is easily replaced by JSX, which is further used to build the entire application.

which is somehow more efficient than using HTML. JSX is faster than HTML and gives quick results. Thus, learning this skill is extremely beneficial. React JS course

Fundamentals of JavaScript and ES6

: Learning the fundamentals of JavaScript will not suffice to work as a React developer. You need to learn about the ES6 skills that include:

Variables and scooping: It includes an understanding of when and where you have to access the data.

Arrays and Objects: In this, your view in a function matters and will get you to learn how to mutate objects and change values of properties based on them.

Apart from the above, you will get to learn about functions and arrow functions, DOM manipulation and event handlers, higher order functions and callback functions, etc.

Learning about Git :

Git: Learning about Git is essential as it is used to store projects on solutions such as GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab. These skills will prepare you to:

  • Track the changes with add, commit, push, and pull.
  • Branching and merging strategies
  • Handling merged conflicts

Node and npm: this is another important skill for React developers to have The npm registry helps the developers with building the software by getting the required materials. React JS training in gurgaon

Mastering the aforementioned skills gives React developers an advantage in a highly competitive market. Once you are accustomed to the above skills, you can begin your career as a ReactJS Developer.

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